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  1. hiya, just checking i used to be a red donator and have t bow. and loads of items . will i get that all back  ? when its back up the server i bloody hope so otherwise my passion is gone from this server which serious i have alot of passion for this server !!! thanks kind regards 

    Zayy ❤️ 

    1. Kim


      Hey Zayy,

      This was overheard from the discord chat, and i am just relaying whatever information was made available.

      Vitality won't necessary give you a refund for stats, earned items, untradeables BUT they will compensate players if they had donated to the server (OSRS GP/IRL $). Players will keep their user/pass info and can use ::claim to retrieve their donated items

    2. Kim


      ::claimdonation to claim*

    3. Rocknoguitar


      thats the politically correct answer above to saying that even though u donated 300$, you will be gettin bout 2/3 the value back. donated for dice + multiple other things yet now after ::claimdonation... i still cannot afford dice... nice

  2. just wondering when will the server be up roughly? thanks
  3. @Joey can you set me as donator on forums please thanks ! ❤️ i am a donator in game but not on forums hope u can help much thanks !! 

    1. Kim


      Quickest approach is to go on discord -> #request-ranks. Hope this helps homie!

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