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  1. better than the premade ones they already have
  2. An announcement will be made soon.
  3. jeff

    Staff History

    *The following are members who were already appointed staff members before the server released. They were trusted members of the community handpicked to help contribute to the release of Vitality* @Raw Envy - Founder @Trick - Manager @Palidino - Developer @Polish Civil - Developer @FInal Wlsh - Head Administrator @Napalm - Administrator @Miika - Administrator @Runite - Moderator @7 Dust - Moderator @Azeem - Moderator @Delta - Server Support @Shane - Server Support @Xion - Server Support @Bio - Server Support @Trump - Server Support *The server was released on March 12th & 17th* March 2020 April 2020 More Coming Soon
  4. jeff


    Welcome to the forums, Lipsy. I hope to see you around in the beta and on release.
  5. jeff

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to Vitality, Paulius
  6. jeff

    Hi There

    Welcome to Vitality, Poseidon. Hopefully you plan to stick around and see where the project goes
  7. jeff

    Simple Security Measures

    Optional 2FA could be added as well.
  8. jeff

    Hi Everyone!

    It’s been a while man. Welcome Afi
  9. jeff


    Welcome to Vitality, Nar
  10. jeff


    Welcome Carlos
  11. Welcome to Vitality, Adam. Hope to see you in-game
  12. jeff

    Introducing jeff

    Thank you to everyone who has given me nothing but kind words. I really look forward to seeing this community build up and hang out with everyone!
  13. jeff

    Howdy Doo

    Hey, how’s it going Delta? Welcome to the forums
  14. jeff


    Welcome to Vitality, Chris. I also have a dark sense of humor, however it is always best to joke about it in moderation.
  15. jeff

    Bio's introduction

    Welcome to the forums, Bio.
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