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  1. @Kruger Of RShas been promoted to Server Support.
  2. yeah i got mental problems with noobz like yourself
  3. not at all lmfao idc about the revs i just wnana kill lost noobs like you lmfao
  4. you do realize u can sell d platelegs for 1.4m to shop you monkey this would RUIN eco.
  5. * Any experience of Hybrid / Tribrid / Pking? - 9 years of it * Age - 38 * Why you would want to join #JH? - I need a clan to fight these noobs that pk in revs all the time!!! * What is your best gear? semi max, claws and ags * Do you have discord account? - JAG E SVENSK#0498 * Timezone? - gmt +1
  6. You could just pay me for protection, but thats besides the point, i do not support this topic. 1. There is only one world correct, but theres also barely 200 players at peak times (atleast 25-50 of those are alts aswell) 2. it doesnt take much effort for a team to teleport to annakarl or ghorrock and just clearing it out -1
  7. The winning side is a fucking blessing #Sitruuna
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