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  1. Amazing guide respect the effort put into this!!!
  2. wow, nice drop 2kc grind over haha. i cant say much i got mine at 20 kc in COX
  3. awesome thanks for having me apart of staff team and sad to see some go
  4. sadly this event has been cancelled
  5. everyone who played v1 was at a loss, but we all came back and some stronger then ever , v2 is awesome lots of players and a great community imo, plus if your joining as a ironman check out 'selfmade' the new ironman clan chat
  6. Mailman

    Selfmade CC

    Hey guys, we are selfmade we are a ironman/uim/gim CC but we welcome EVERYONE from normal accounts to realists. we do host daily giveaways on our discord and alot of pvm/skilling events in the near future. Discord : https://discord.gg/P3wyerH just wanted to make this thread as a way for our members/ and new members to locate our discord.
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