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  1. Hai everyone, Not too many posts in this section of the forums, I suppose that's a good thing though! Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in the community for all the fun times that I've had throughout the past 6 months or so since our original launch in March. We've been through a lot of ups and downs throughout our time but unfortunately with mine I'll have to end it here. For those of you unaware, I'm currently in the midst of my PhD and unfortunately I just can't keep putting forth the time and effort that would be required as a Manager/Administrator role any longer, my poor mental health can't take it lol. But regardless, I'll still pop in and out every once in a while as I'm sure Vitality will continue to last for months and prosper. Thank you everyone who made my time enjoyable while I was here. James
  2. hi mate have I been re banned? literally logged in, geared up to pk and errored again and disconnected. now can't get back on..

  3. Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @Halloween has been re-promoted to Global Moderator @Duty has been promoted to Moderator @hc merica has been promoted to Moderator @Excuse You has been promoted to Moderator @RNGeus has been promoted to Server Support @Dakuna has been promoted to Server Support Resignations / Demotions: @Dvious has resigned from Server Support @Azurill has resigned from Server Support Vitality management team
  4. For point 3 they spawn every 8 attack cycles of verzik, this is 1:1 how its done on OSRS. As for the other points, we're using the same combat stats as the ones shown on this page, so as far as I'm aware it should be correct. Now if the community as a whole comes to an agreement and says this is too much for an RSPS then maybe we can look into tweaking, but from what I've seen most people are still having no trouble completing anything.
  5. Just being honest with ya, it's not going to happen. Would need complete overhaul as well as us managing to create the graphics and animations ourselves for all the NEW content that has been implemented. There's just no way any OSRS based server does this unfortunately.
  6. Meh

    hey man i cant open the client on my desktop


  7. 1. Not really an OSRS concept (not a 317 server) 2. Already in game 3. What is the point of rune sacks if they're already free? 4. Don't see why not 5. all in game 6. don't see why not just a cosmetic override 7. already in game 8. Should be implemented in next game (pretty much coded just a few little last things that need to be done) 9. already in game 10. not really a fan unless we implemented full blighted but that would require overhauling how we currently implement the armor so no opinion at the moment.
  8. Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @Beastly has been promoted to Global Moderator @Centrum has been promoted to Moderator @Demix has been promoted to Moderator @Azurill has been promoted to Server Support @Dvious has been promoted to Server Support @Compton has been promoted to Server Support Resignations / Demotions: @iTrustx1 has resigned from Moderator @HelloBroski has been demoted from Moderator Vitality management team
  9. The group ironman mode has been released! You can form groups of 2-5 players that will only be able to trade players within their group You will only have 24 hours from when you create a group initially to form your group, after that you won't be able to invite anyone else You will only be able to boss together with players in your group With this update, regular ironmen can no longer boss together as any kills of a monster that were attacked by more than 1 player will result in no loot Challenge mode CoX has been implemented To begin a challenge mode CoX raid, either click the option on the recruiting board, or on the entrance door to create a challenge mode party Challenge mode has a set route every time you enter CoX that includes facing every boss/puzzle that CoX offers With challenge mode, there are 2 new drops that are only available if you complete challenge mode: Metamorphic dust - Allows you to change Olmlet pet into other variants such as Puppadile, Tektiny, etc. Twisted ancestral kit - Allows you to change the cosmetic looks of a single piece of ancestral robes Tarn's diary is no longer consumed when used on Salve amulet Salve amulet (ie) now goes in the proper necklace slot Seercull now works as a ranged weapon Blocked tasks will now appear on the interface properly Bake pie lunar spell no longer freezes your character in game Regular crossbows can no longer use bolt racks Blade of saelder and ring of suffering no longer lose charges on PvM deaths, including Theater of Bloods raids, etc. High value drop and alchemy warning values have been implemented Black chinchompas will now yield higher amounts for higher combat levels Both preserve and protect item are now disabled in the riskers area (::gepvp) Public items no longer despawn on instanced areas, this should fix the hammer spawn in CoX Blood shard is now tradeable, note the amulet of blood fury is still not Corporeal beast cave now checks for teleblock Death spawns from Nechryaels can now attack in singles even if in combat again Caskets for small monsters, such as rock crabs, dags, giant lobsters, etc. can now be opened Looting bag no longer protect items inside of it on death Great olm head will now show 0's instead of purple hit-splats to avoid confusion Firemaking no longer works on first 5 levels of wilderness Raid store now accepts all blunt weapons for building Attack skillcape perk now works for cyclops room and can be entered without warrior guild tokens Tzaar-ket-om ornament kit is now in the vote store Mithil seeds no longer prevent damage Here's a sneak preview of the upcoming clan cup: zqIJqlA.mp4
  10. 7 Dust

    Imac here

    Welcome to the server mate, if you ever need any help feel free to join the 'vitality' clan chat and ask in there, or type ::staff to ask any staff member online. As for drinks, I'm a bourbon guy so here's a few of my favorites: -1792 -Four roses single barrel -J.R. Ewing -Angel's Envy
  11. More updates coming soon, but here's what we have for now! Theater of blood changes/fixes: Nylocas no longer agro on the waves portion of the room A bug has been fixed where Nylocas would get stuck on the ramp if attacking them A safe spot during the waves of Nylocas has been fixed Hands falling during Bloat will no longer fall in the same spot twice in a row Sotetseg will no longer attack while his special nuke attack is out Salve amulet now works properly on Bloat You can no longer stand under Verzik when she is shooting her webs out during phase 3 Verzik webs will no longer damage the stunned player if the webs are attacked A safespot for Maiden flinching has been fixed Xarpus will now have a slight delay before his final enraged attack Improved some of the drop rates for Theater of Blood unique drops Implemented a message after completing Theater of Blood that says your chance at getting a unique drop Uncharged scythe is now 2 handed Vials of blood are now tradeable Can now teleport after finishing spectating Theater of Blood Chambers of Xeric: Scaling has been improved depending on party size Ice demon now takes the proper damage when attacking with fire spells Vasa will now deal trample damage if you stand underneath her A safespot during Vasa has now been patched Vespula will now go into an enrage mode when attacking her portal Reduced the Large Muttadile accuracy through prayer Jewelled crabs will now change colours while being stunned if attacked You should no longer get bird nests while in Chambers of Xeric You will no longer receive coin caskets while in Chambers of Xeric Dice host bag has been added to the in-game donator store for 2,499 donator points Tick eating projectiles when fighting monsters should now work properly Moved fairy fix-it closer to the home area Statius warhammer can now be used on bandos door Basilocked slayer task can now be unlocked Vengeance other spell should now be working properly Ground items should last longer for ironmen in instanced regions Magic wardrobe in player owned homes now functions properly Galvek and Brimhaven teleports have been added to the Vitality Wizard at home Smithing interface fix for steel darts, arrows, and knives Wilderness bosses, Glod and Skotizo, had some tweaking to their mechanics: Top 5 highest damage dealers will now get a chance at a drop from the boss Slight drop table rework to provide more incentive to kill these bosses, including adding PvP armor box and pet mystery box PvP loot now has the most valuable loot on top when looting (based off item protection values) Barrage freeze timer should now be working properly AGS accuracy has been increased slightly Autocasting saves for each staff Aggression for monsters in the wilderness should now be working properly Thanks for reading!
  12. Hi there, I wanted to give some insight to how the rewards feel from our new Raids 2 content, the Theater of Blood. Our current drop rate to hit the 'unique' table, for a perfect raid is 1/7 chance. From there if you hit that chance then you roll on the unique table for scythe, avernic hilt, etc. The more deaths you have in a run, the less of a chance that you hit the unique drop table. So the total amount of unique items gotten from theater of blood 100 KC was : 14. The math makes sense as 100/7 is about 14.2 so I didn't end up going too dry on the unique runs.
  13. Congratulations to this winner of the member of the month: 52xp
  14. Unfortunately one of our candidates has been disqualified for asking people to vote for him in exchange for monetary value. Stepdown is disqualified for this month's competition.
  15. The administration team has been thinking of ways to help give back to our wonderful community and one of these ways will be through a featured member of the month, each month going forward! The way this will work is 4 days before the 1st of each month, an announcement will be made on discord/forums with the nominees for the upcoming month. These 3 nominees will be chosen by the staff team and then the general public will vote on the overall winner. Prizes for the member of the month will include: -Own role on forums -Own role on discord -$75 in vitality store credits to be attributed to your account This role will persist through the whole month and the voting will close at 3:00pm EST on July 1st. So without further ado, here are the nominations for the upcoming July 2020 member of the month for vitality! 52xp Bloom/Hun Stepdown Just a caveat because apparently its not obvious enough: if anyone is found asking for votes, paying for votes, etc. they will automatically be disqualified.
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