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  1. Reload your client (fully x-out of it). You're on the old client revision.
  2. 7 Dust

    Bank bug

    Reload your client.
  3. Congratulations to this winner of the member of the month: 52xp
  4. Unfortunately one of our candidates has been disqualified for asking people to vote for him in exchange for monetary value. Stepdown is disqualified for this month's competition.
  5. 7 Dust

    imbued cape

    If you die with an imbued cape it reverts back to the normal one. Intended mechanic.
  6. The administration team has been thinking of ways to help give back to our wonderful community and one of these ways will be through a featured member of the month, each month going forward! The way this will work is 4 days before the 1st of each month, an announcement will be made on discord/forums with the nominees for the upcoming month. These 3 nominees will be chosen by the staff team and then the general public will vote on the overall winner. Prizes for the member of the month will include: -Own role on forums -Own role on discord -$75 in vitality store credits to be attributed to your account This role will persist through the whole month and the voting will close at 3:00pm EST on July 1st. So without further ado, here are the nominations for the upcoming July 2020 member of the month for vitality! 52xp Bloom/Hun Stepdown Just a caveat because apparently its not obvious enough: if anyone is found asking for votes, paying for votes, etc. they will automatically be disqualified.
  7. Welcome to the server mate, hope you enjoy your time here If you ever need any help in game please feel free to reach out any staff!
  8. Welcome to the server mate, hope you find it all well. If you are ever in need of any assistance feel free to reach out to any staff member in game or on discord and we'll be happy to help ya out
  9. 7 Dust


    I currently am studying to get my PhD in material science engineering so unfortunate no "real job" here just a simple university student Ideally I would like to be working at a national lab after i finish my degree, hopefully Oak ridge national lab but I'm open for most possibilities at this time.
  10. Odd, whats your in game name? I'll put the items in your bank for you.
  11. Tried to recreate : https://streamable.com/niy73b Unable to do so, unless you're able to tell me how I'm doing this wrong.
  12. Forums and in-game accounts aren't linked. Try using a different username to login (remember to keep it under 12 characters).
  13. Thank you for the report, I've forwarded it to our development team to get this resolved.
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