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  1. As in can they drop noted bars at all, or can they be changed to drop noted bars?
  2. Ahh ok im hcim so elite void would probs be best for now unless its really worth going fornthe bandos ect
  3. Hi everyone. I was just wondering what everyone would reccomened gear wise to be learning cox. Also if anyone would be able to help me learn once ive acquired the items needed would be greatly appreciated
  4. Dw about many questions used to be maxed iron
  5. Hello everyone, after playing for a couple of days again after leaving a few months ago ive decided to return properly, ill be making a new goals thread for my hcim in the coming days. Server seems a lot better now - far less bugs ect Hope to see you all in-game
  6. Comparing money making on a regular account to an iron is irrelevant. you don't really spend money on an iron anyway as you dont spend too much on things like herblore secondaries. The point is more that you can advance far too quickly now via mage.
  7. If you want afk camp rex, you often get giant caskets and a chance for beserker ring, warrior ring and dragon axe
  8. Everyones happier because this is the easiest option ever, Improving drop rate of runes from barrows? increasing rune drops from bosses? nah, everyone just wants it added to a shop. Making it far too easy.
  9. Imagine being so desperate to be staff you have to spam the forums...smh

    1. Mice


      If you don't spam forums, spam yell with broadcast text, can you even be qualified for staff? 

    2. 3urogirl12


      If you got something to say speak up 👍🏽

  10. I did yes, for every ironman that makes an account and realizes its a bit harder than normal either drives them onwards, or stops playing - you'd literally devalue someone spending time and effort farming things just because you wanted to buy them from the shops
  11. To add all of the runes, daggers and other things that the rest of has have spent time and effort collecting would completely devalue what the rest of us ironmen have done. It's a part of the challenge - to see how you can progress with limited help. Runecrafting isn't bad (once the cosmic altar gets fixed) complete your achievement diary's for rune pouches and you'll be good to go. Slayer is also a great way of obtaining items that you'll need anyway for gear upgrades and a fair amount of runes. If you're ever in real need of runes, spending an hour or so making the runes required is essentially what you do at the beginning of ironman mode anyway - you often don't have enough cash to buy everything you need thus the prices (if they were added) should be extortionate.
  12. I'm building a small trail in the woods near where I live, fapping and a good few ciders
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