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  1. Seeking professional guidance really does help. I've been seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist for years and it's helped so much with my anxiety and depression. If you have insurance to cover it, please please please seek it out. Outside of that, weed and meditation
  2. Would love the idea, but not sure how feasible it is to add given the data is being pulled from the RuneLite client which I believe pulls directly from OSRS. If we are already introducing custom models then the work needed to introduce those has already been done, but otherwise it's likely an extensive amount of rework to introduce something new like that
  3. Yeah I'd say either like 50% boost in boxes (7 -> 10, 8 -> 12, etc.) or guarantee 4 rolls per box
  4. Current functionality: when an item is used on a deposit box, it is either immediately added to the bank, the player is asked how many to deposit, or they are told they do not have enough space. Suggestion: Allow to note (but not unnote) items at deposit boxes by using them on it Reason: There are several spots throughout the map where players can easily drop items into their bank from deposit boxes to continue to work there, whereas if you can't deposit into a bank (like UIM players) you have to tele away, find a bank chest, and then run back. By allowing them to note at these locations, UIM don't need to run all the way, yet there's not an increase in ability as players can't get access to item stacks without still going to the bank as they would before.
  5. Welcome Shane! I'm Jeremy, new as well, hope to see you around in-game!
  6. Azurill


    Hi all! My name's Jeremy, I'm new to the Vitality community, started today. I'll mostly be playing on my UIM Azurill, though may choose to make a main at some point later on. I tend to keep to skilling, as I find it a lot more enjoyable than the rest of the content. Prior to joining here I played some other servers, and have coded for a couple in the past too. Outside of the RSPS scene, I work as a Software Engineer for Amazon Music in LA, though I've just recently started this job after working for Bloomberg LP. I geek out easily when it comes to tech talk, as well as ultimate frisbee, swimming, and some book and movie series (ATLA, anyone?). I also have some background in making forums graphics, mostly simple 2D and some 3D modelling. I look forward to getting to meet you all! Please feel free to send me a message either in-game or through the forums! Jeremy
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