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  1. hc merica


    Yes only 1 slayer master.
  2. Welcome man. Gl with your 200m skillz.
  3. Well this is not an appeal for im not sure what your trying to do. https://forum.vitality.ps/forum/24-appeals/
  4. Welcome man! Hope you enjoy yourself.
  5. Yeah its still here but wasn't being updated and i added bosses and some other stuff. The last solo was online was August 3.
  6. hc merica

    Agility Guide

    When training the agility skill it is recommend to do the rooftop agility courses, but if you become bored of them you can also do the wilderness course which provides decent xp aswell as pkps. Agility Courses Gnome Stronghold Level 1 Draynor Village Level 10 Al Kharid Level 20 Varrock Agility Level 30 Canifis Agility Level 40 Falador Agility Level 50 Wilderness Agility Level 52 Seers Village Level 60 Rellekka Agility Level 80 Ardougne Agility Level 90 Once your done training agility feel free to trade all you marks of grace into "Grace" at the edgeville furnace for your graceful outfit. You are also able to recolor your graceful for some GP.
  7. Skilling Guides Skilling Guides Needed Bossing Guides Misc Guides If anybody has any guides they would like me to add, or find something that I should add please let me know. I will be keeping this update as new guides are made!
  8. hc merica


    I think its a neat idea of players to host there own tournaments.
  9. hc merica

    Other games

    Vitality, Super Mario 3d All stars, and mess around in WOW here and there.
  10. Welcome man! Nice of you to join hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. I like this idea, def would make people want to do more slayer.
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