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  1. super accurate guide good work man
  2. great guide very helpful
  3. Game Name:robbos6l Age:26 Discord Name & Tag: mint4l#3205 Country:australia Timezone:gmt+10 How active will you be per day?currently doing atleast 6hours a day but can varey on what the day has on. Previous Staff Experience? i have been a helper on a custom server and am now a moderator, but the server has become very inactive. Why should we choose you? because i like to help players when help is needed, i want to support this server as much as possible. its good playing the server but to be able to have more roles by helping other players etc would make the game much more enjoyable. Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: to be a good staff you would need to be friendly, reliable and trust worthy. Picture of time played (found in quest tab):
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