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  1. Demix

    vls glitch

    This needs to be in bug reports and more detail would be appreciated.
  2. Your helpful in discord, don't really see much of you in cc or in game. Good luck with your application
  3. Very helpful in cc and where ever else possible, don't see you active in discord or forum try and improve in these areas, although your forum application isn't very detailed your in game contributions speak highly of you, good luck with your application +1
  4. Seems to be alot of negativity surrounding your application and I have seen some of your flaming, I couldn't support this application, as helpful as you are round the forums your attitude needs to change, and threatening to dox people is a big no no, I cant support right now.
  5. I might have to use some of these thank you.
  6. Not going to lie, these look nice. Good job
  7. Great guide - Featured and pinned
  8. Great Guide very well detailed.
  9. Bye james you will be missed. X
  10. Demix


    You have had this explained to you countless times, it does no good to keep making topics regarding this please stop.
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