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  1. Well done for painting all the staff under the same umbrella, 1. Staff do care 2. We arn't all going to help a person if someone is already helping 3. We don't get paid to do this, so staff aint always available as we have to work/have real lifes. I'm not going to delete this but it is a silly topic to make. This player only needed to do some searching on forum for help also.
  2. Did you get this resolved?
  3. I've seen you helping out in game, keep it up best of luck with your application.
  4. Have you got Java installed?
  5. Nicely put, and yes it's not going anywhere.
  6. Its called wishing people a happy Halloween?
  7. Credit to arcy for picture. Their maybe people who don't celebrate it and people who do but have fun this Halloween as this year is bad enough. Happy Halloween!
  8. Demix

    vls glitch

    This needs to be in bug reports and more detail would be appreciated.
  9. I might have to use some of these thank you.
  10. Not going to lie, these look nice. Good job
  11. Great guide - Featured and pinned
  12. Great Guide very well detailed.
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