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  1. We Had The Same Staking As 07 Does Now Originally When Vitality Launched in V1 (Cash Only With Tax). All This Did Was Make Post's Saying "Let Us Stake Items". Not To Mention If You Did Want To Stake Items Back Then, You'd Pretty Much Have To Have 1-2 Staff Members There At All Times To Middle-Man Item Stakes. And Even If We Didn't Allow Item Staking, People Would Do It Anyway. I Do See Where You're Coming From Though.
  2. Duty

    Hi everyone

    Welcome Aries! Hope You're Enjoying Vitality!
  3. In all honesty, if you had some voice over it or funny commentary to it, would be very comical. Nonetheless, can appreciate a good social experiment
  4. Thanks For Everything James! If Someone Was To Say Describe Vitality In 5 Words, One Of Them Words/Names Would Be 7Dust. You've Been An Inspiration To Alot Of People And I Look Up To Your Knowledge/Smarts (Cause I Dont Have Many LOL). Anyways, Ill Keep It Short N Sweet, Thanks For Everything Brother .
  5. Duty

    Silent Landed.

    Welcome To Vitality Brother. Enjoy Your Stay!
  6. Damn Crazy To See Another Older Player In The Scene I Recognize From Years Ago. Nice Vid Bud.
  7. Duty

    Hi, I'm Pluffy!

    Nice to see the official intro's via forums. Think we've spoke ingame/disc, nonetheless WELCOME
  8. Duty

    Arcy's Graphical Shop

    Big Vouch For The Brother @Arcy. Thanks So Much Man
  9. Duty

    Arcy's Graphical Shop

    When You're Available I'd Love To Get One Done! Please Let Me Know
  10. +1 Very Clean Guide. Love The Colorful Pictures, And Can Def Appreciate The Time Taken For This. Thanks!
  11. Mobile Will Be Out Soon Enough . Just Not As An App, But As A ".apk file" You Would Just Simply Download Via An Android Device. Cant Wait!
  12. I Know, I Know, My Cable Management Could Be A Slight Bit Better, But Overall This Set-Up Is 1 Of A Kind! It's Okay To Be Jealous.
  13. This Is Where I NH Pk Late At Night! SOOOOOOO Comfy! (Dont Ask Where Did I Get These Parts/Setup Cause I WONT TELL). .
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