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  1. Killer! Great loots
  2. Prices will come around.... Look what happened with AGS, it was selling at 40-50m a week ago now it's rising back up to 140m+ Everything is slowly rising back up after the recent eco dump. I'd suggest maybe buying out T-Bows and Elys if you have the cash and waiting it out a month or so because they will all rise again.
  3. Just requesting bank pins to be set to grand exchange upon log in. I'm a massive merchant as I don't have a lot of time to play.... So 90% of my bank sits in Grand Exchange, not a good outcome if I were to be hacked. Thanks.
  4. Yusssss, absolutely amazing
  5. Asz

    Infernal Harpoon

    Yup, just tried and didn't work either. The Infernal Axe and Pickaxe are coded, just not the Harpoon.
  6. Asz

    Infernal Harpoon

    Not 100% sure if this is added yet but I can't seem to make one. Smouldering stone used with Dragon Harpoon doesn't make the Infernal Harpoon. Lets see if we can make this happen. Thanks.
  7. Unlucky they're a bit win lose sometimes...
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