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  1. Cure to Anxiety? Keep busy, stay motivated. I resort to gym and other activities. Make yourself feel good for accomplishments that you are trying to achieve. I don't have major anxiety buts its definitely there... I've never had big issues with it unless I'm coming down off drugs or a major drinking bender or breaking up with previous ex-girlfriends. Just stay motivated and active bro keep your mind busy.
  2. Asz


    Sup nigga
  3. Fun fact... Did you know.... The economy crashed when I stopped merching l0l
  4. Prices will come around.... Look what happened with AGS, it was selling at 40-50m a week ago now it's rising back up to 140m+ Everything is slowly rising back up after the recent eco dump. I'd suggest maybe buying out T-Bows and Elys if you have the cash and waiting it out a month or so because they will all rise again.
  5. Just requesting bank pins to be set to grand exchange upon log in. I'm a massive merchant as I don't have a lot of time to play.... So 90% of my bank sits in Grand Exchange, not a good outcome if I were to be hacked. Thanks.
  6. Yusssss, absolutely amazing
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