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  1. Only thing we be clappin' is yo ass cheeks when I'm done with you new comer....
  2. Hi all, #1pker here, just reminding everyone it's the weekend and we all know what that means... #1pker has a lot of time on his hands to pwn noobs. #1pker will be lurking in the deepest of depths, the darkest of corners and under the the most inconspicuously shaped rocks. The #1pker has even been working on his DROP BEAR methods so stay away from them overhanging trees! Who knows who will get caught up in #1pkers MAYHEM this weekend, lets just hope it's not you. Anyway, #1pker would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous weekend and a friendly reminder to stay out of the wilderness when #1pker is online. Thanks #1pker.
  3. Just letting everyone know how good it feels being #1pker soooooooo good 🙏

  4. Nice. Add 3rd age items too please.
  5. Eco reset ain't gonna change much.... Everyone that played in the past left because of less incentive to play and vote. Voting incentive needs to be raised in order for the server to grow again. More rewards and ways for newcomers to earn their way back into the economy. AGS / Maul cannot be the main Pking weapons in Edgeville either... It just gets too repetitive and boring. Claws, Elder maul, Abyssal Dagger and other major weapons need to be nerfed for more variety in Pking. Drop rates and exp rates should be increased when player count hits below 25 or say 50.... Will make people want to log in more.
  6. Joining for giveaways thx xo
  7. Cure to Anxiety? Keep busy, stay motivated. I resort to gym and other activities. Make yourself feel good for accomplishments that you are trying to achieve. I don't have major anxiety buts its definitely there... I've never had big issues with it unless I'm coming down off drugs or a major drinking bender or breaking up with previous ex-girlfriends. Just stay motivated and active bro keep your mind busy.
  8. Asz


    Sup nigga
  9. Fun fact... Did you know.... The economy crashed when I stopped merching l0l
  10. Prices will come around.... Look what happened with AGS, it was selling at 40-50m a week ago now it's rising back up to 140m+ Everything is slowly rising back up after the recent eco dump. I'd suggest maybe buying out T-Bows and Elys if you have the cash and waiting it out a month or so because they will all rise again.
  11. Just requesting bank pins to be set to grand exchange upon log in. I'm a massive merchant as I don't have a lot of time to play.... So 90% of my bank sits in Grand Exchange, not a good outcome if I were to be hacked. Thanks.
  12. Yusssss, absolutely amazing
  13. Asz

    Infernal Harpoon

    Yup, just tried and didn't work either. The Infernal Axe and Pickaxe are coded, just not the Harpoon.
  14. Asz

    Infernal Harpoon

    Not 100% sure if this is added yet but I can't seem to make one. Smouldering stone used with Dragon Harpoon doesn't make the Infernal Harpoon. Lets see if we can make this happen. Thanks.
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