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    Topic moved to general for more views and suggestions as there is no guide and I saw low reactions and views.
  2. Topic moved to general instead of guides.
  3. You forgot to speak about Maiden's Blood Splats. I would have liked to see you state the health percentage on Bloat and when he actually starts running faster and how many rounds of limbs drop. Speaking on Sotetseg, allowing magic attacks to hit you while you have ranged protection prayers on and Vice versa will cancel out and lock your prayer from being used for a short time. There's more but I will let others find those out themselves. I would have also appreciated more pictures for reference. Well written for the pieces you did write, but overall this guide is lackluster in my own opinion. I think something as big as a raid needs to be more detailed and in depth; this feels rushed and spare of the moment.
  4. Although I do like them, they don't feel to connected to Runescape or Vitality whatsoever.
  5. Welcome to Vitality and thanks for posting so we may get to know each other!
  6. Doty's Guide to 99 Runecrafting In this guide we will be using the Abyss to move to different Altars to obtain our 99 Runecrafting. Gearing for the Journey You will need either a Pickaxe, Woodcutting Axe or a Tinderbox and some Pure Essence and a Chisel to begin This method requires a minimum level of 38 mining and 38 crafting Getting there Head over to the Vitality Wizard and select the following options: !THIS WILL TELEPORT YOU INTO THE WILDERNESS! !THIS WILL TELEPORT YOU INTO THE WILDERNESS! After teleporting, select the 'Teleport' option from the Mage of Zamorak !UPON TELEPORTATION INTO THE ABYSS YOU WILL BE SKULLED AND YOUR PRAYER WILL BE DRAINED TO ZERO! Entering the Abyss, you will be put into a random location within the Outer Ring You will be surrounded by 3 different types of Abyssal Demons that will attack you The goal is to enter into the Inner Ring using 1 of 6 different options: You can Cop the Tendrils with a woodcutting axe You can Mine the Rock with a mining pickaxe You can Burn-down the Boils with a Tinderbox You can Distract the Eyes with your Thieving skills You can Squeeze-through the Gaps using your Agility skills You can also Go-through the Passages if you can find one All possible entrances lead to the same Inner Ring, there are no monsters here The following levels correlate to the runes that can be crafted: 1Air rune 2Mind rune 5Water rune 9Earth rune 14Fire rune 20Body rune 27Cosmic rune 35Chaos rune 40Astral rune * SKIP 44Nature rune 54Law rune 65Death rune 77Blood rune 90Soul rune* 95Wrath rune* * Cannot be crafted using the Abyss Setup a preset to include a full inventory of Pure Essences and either a Pickaxe, Woodcutting Axe or a Tinderbox and make use of the previous teleport option at the Vitality Wizard Levels 1-76 will be repetitive but should essentially be a breeze while using the Abyss, craft the highest level rune your current level allows, skip Astral runes and craft Chaos until Level 44 Continue this method until Level 77 for Blood runes Arceuus Essence Mine Upon reaching Level 77 you will now be able to craft Blood runes This is a new Milestone in Runecrafting, you will now no longer need to bring Pure Essence Instead you will now only need a Pickaxe and a Chisel to complete your journey to 99 Runecrafting Head over to the Blood Altar with your Chisel and a Pickaxe of your choosing You will now forgo the use of Pure Essence and start mining for Dense Essence blocks From the Blood Altar, follow the path and mine Dense Essence at the Green dots, you will need to have a Chisel in your inventory to do so After a full inventory is mined, follow the path towards the Yellow dot and use the Dense Essence on the Altar piece by piece to change it to Dark Essence After you have obtained your Dark Essence run back to the Blood Altar and use your Chisel on them to create Dark Essence Fragments Lastly, use your Dark Essence Fragments on the Blood Altar to craft blood runes. Repeat this process until Level 90 where you will now create Soul Runes At Level 90 you will want to start mining the Dense Essence and after changing it at the altar banking the Dark Essence to be more time efficient It is 7,688,099 XP from Level 90 to 99 It takes 28 blocks of Dark Essence to create 1 full stack of Dark essence fragments which equates to a stack size of 112, you can only hold stack of Dark essence fragments at one time DO NOT BANK Dark essence fragments! Once you have obtained the desired amount of Dark Essence you can now start heading back through the Abyss and into the Soul rune altar to Chisel your Dark essence fragments and craft your Soul runes! Congratulations on 99 Runecrafting!
  7. This guide also seems rushed towards the end. I would've liked to see more clarity and organization into the guide.
  8. Guide seems rushed, I would've liked to see something more in depth. Especially good areas to cook the food for donators and others.
  9. Great guide, keep it up and let me know if you ever need any help!
  10. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome, I appreciate it and am looking forward to being a bigger part of our community.
  11. The value of Necklace of Anguish (or) is too low, it is deemed less valuable than two Torstol Potion (unf). Can we please get this fixed?
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I always see a lot of questions about this and thought it would be my first installment!
  13. Thanks! I am committed to only pushing out solid guides that are in depth and organized!
  14. Thank you, it definitely took some time to gather my thoughts and edit my screenshots! I noticed we didn't have one for Zulrah and thought it would be perfect to start.
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