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  1. Means alot coming from the people, thank you for your support brother.!!!!!
  2. Thanks and congrats to all!!
  3. Compton

    RNGeus intro

    Hello man welcome to vit!
  4. Realism mode is awesome, great update, along with many more to come, im excited , GIVE ME MORE
  5. If you're still doing art, i'm interested in some work, maybe pm me in game "Compton" Or Juicy#3324 and we can talk about it. nice work. Tks.!
  6. What this is cool. Wish I could join, good luck to all. Very inspiring idea, i +1 it
  7. Enjoyed watching this and just chilling, keep it up.
  8. Compton

    Tai Bwo Wannai

    Yeah Im always sprinting from Brimhaven, +1 this
  9. Make your money dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Welcome to the server brother. hope you enjoy
  11. Defo the D-spear to ags is so satisfying to me for some reason
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