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  1. diggin the newer looking price guide
  2. RNGeus


    i like the idea. kinda like a lottery pot but with skill based with pking and ofc rng hits.
  3. RNGeus

    Lava Dragons

    Im half and half on this. again u can get em in pkp.
  4. Fantastic work. now ppl can finally stop asking for a guide and come here! gj
  5. ud would turn them into plat tokens @ the bank
  6. For me i no longer work. im disabled . But before i was a IT.
  7. love you james! i understand that life always comes first as well as mental health! hope to hear the good news when u get ur phd
  8. Welcome to Vitality! hope to see around ingame! an dont be scared to ask for any help in the cc
  9. glad to have ya. hope to see ya ingame. and hope u enjoy ur time u spend here
  10. welcome pluffy! glad to see u on the forums now. enjoy ur time here as its hella fun imo
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