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  1. Support, added incentives to do slayer
  2. Hey, this suggestion is aimed at boosting activities in the wild 1. Add roaming revenants. These revenants like back in the days roam throughout wild, can teleblock you, freeze you and deal alot of damage Have their defense and mage buffed. Players may encounter them anywhere in wild. Attacking the revs will immediately skull you and soloing it should be a major challenge, therefore prompting people to hunt revs in groups. in turn pkers will also make use of this opportunity Have the revs drop PVP armours! make it RARE. the risk pays off since you roam the wild to hunt them and get skulled.
  3. it kinda does make sense Support
  4. awesome guide needed this
  5. Subbed man! awesome content keep them coming
  6. Hi, been doing Theatre of blood often these days ive observed a few issues. 1. Scythe needs to be buffed compared to what it is now given its price, it hits alot of 0s at verzik 2. verziks defense needs to be nerfed alittle, its too OP now, 3. Phase 2 of verzik the red crabs keep spawning very quick, if youre alil delayed in killing them, theyl heal zik before the others spawning again.
  7. welcome, glad to have you on board
  8. may seem a long shot but can you add an option to play with 2010 Pre Eoc Graphics for those of us obsessed with those times. it should be purely graphical and should not interfere gameplay in anyway
  9. 1. Add a wilderness shooting star that crashes in a random wildy spot (singles/multi) atleast 5 times a day. mining it gives stardust that can be exchanged for PKP. 100k stardust could also be exchanged for a stardust mystery box that could give anything from junk to major loot. this will spice up wilderness even more, provide an alternative to train mining too. 2. Add divine potions, that boost your stats for 5minutes and damage 10 Hp. Can cost 100 PKP each. make it costly 3. Add rune sacks, enabling you to cast a magic spell without needing the runes for it. make it super costly also at the PKP store 4. Add dagon'hai robes in the PKP store 5. Add flippers (cosmetic) , bracelet of slaughter, expedition bracelet 6. guthixian icon/ staff of balance (guthixian staff of the dead). same stats as staff of the dead 7. Add spiked menacles with a requirement of 60 attack to wear. 8. Add a well of goodwill that accepts cash / items to activate. this will be a perfect gold / item sink. the well will rotate in cycles cycle 1 (active well gives 20% more pkp on pking in the wilderness); needs 1b to be active for 1hour cycle 2 (active well gives double cash and 35% extra pkp in edgeville pking); needs 2b to be active for 1hour cycle 3 (active well increases chances of wildy slayer caskets by 10%); needs 1b to be active cycle 4 (active well gives double pkp drops from revenants in the rev cave); needs 1b to activate 9. Add ancient mace; its special attack drains the opponents prayer by the amount hit. 10. Add a blighted VLS (kinda unsure about this lol) These are just rough ideas, i apologize if the items ive mentioned here already exist in game
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