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  1. Congrats guys, welcome back @Runiteand sad to see you go @7 Dust, wish you the best of luck.
  2. I work on a military base, working on rail cars.
  3. So sad to see a good person leave, but I wish you the best with your schooling and your future goals. Make sure to keep in touch!
  4. I’d say you’re on a good track, but like they said you definitely need at least a DWH unless you want hour long kills.
  5. Great idea to get a bunch of raiders together!
  6. There’s already staking and dicing. Adding one more form of gambling shouldn’t effect the eco anymore than the other gambling methods do tbh.
  7. Flowerpoker has never been my type of gambling personally but it’s definitely a big hit and a lot of people seem to love it so I can support this.
  8. Welcome to the server, glad to hear you and your clan are enjoying it so far!
  9. Welcome to Vitality, hope to see you stay.
  10. Congrats to everyone on the promotions! Much deserved, look forward to seeing you guys in action.
  11. Hey, and welcome back! Glad to see you return.
  12. I’ve always been a big fan of the classic dscim/dds combo for pure pking, and for main i’d have to go with claws & gmaul or maybe dds and gmaul combo. Sounds crazy but if you throw a dds dpec then a gmaul spec then another dds it’s pretty insane, & can do a lot of damage real fast.
  13. Not a bad idea to switch things up, the only thing I don't like is using GE as the home. Seen too many servers use that and yeah it's a large wide open area but at the same time it's used on a lot of servers who have pvp areas around GE, but either way I like the ideas, just not the idea of using the GE.
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