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  1. Selling : 3rd age mage top & bottoms. Buying : all adamant/rune bars, adamant/rune dart tips, cooked anglerfish. DM me on Discord or PM me in-game.
  2. Thanks, same to you both as well!
  3. Going to go ahead and post this incase we’re all busy with friends and family on Christmas. I hope the best for everyone and their families during the holidays. Stay safe!
  4. Kharyrll

    Movies & TV Show's

    I'm searching for some new movies if anyone's got any sugestions.
  5. I talked to him, he already got this fixed.
  6. Not a bad idea, although the whole point for not having this is so that everyone matches and nobody has any type of advantage over someone else.
  7. Kharyrll


    I take it you got this fixed? I think I saw you online.
  8. If we’re going to go this route, nobody called anyone “unbearable” and while you are saying that I claimed he was “downloading stuff and doing all this stuff” why would I wrongly speak on someone for my own pleasure? Whatever I said he was doing, he was. I teamviewed with him 3 separate times and every time I attempted to help he would take control of the mouse and click everywhere or start typing, he also was downloading “files from his friend” while I was trying to help him & I did much more than uninstall and reinstalling the client. I’m sorry you or him or whoever feels you were done wrongly, but I personally helped him well over an hour. As far as contacting Raw Envy, he’s focused on a lot of things right now. He doesn’t always respond right away, even to us staff members. The players are important to us but even like Demix said, it’s not our job to completely cater to everyone’s issues as soon as they happen, sometimes people are busy or have other issues they’re handling at that time, and it doesn’t make it any easier when we try to help someone and that player doesn’t work with us. I also have no idea where you got your info, nobody banned anyone. We have never and would never ban someone for no reason. Either way, sorry you feel you/him were done wrongly, but we tried to help and nothing seemed to work for you.
  9. @ICU Any updates on the issue?
  10. I actually need to learn ToB myself, goodluck with your teaching.
  11. Happy Holidays to you too brother. Hope all is well.
  12. I can definitely support your application. Talked to you quiet a lot recently whether it was in-game or in voice chat, you're a solid guy. Very friendly, & seem to have a great head on your shoulders. Best of luck on your application brother!
  13. Kharyrll

    The Hunt!

    Seems pretty neat.
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