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  1. I can definitely support this as well. Like you said, adding content is always a plus!
  2. Thanks, and same to you. Unfortunately me and the family seem to be getting a cold or something so we won’t be hanging out with the family this year. But I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!
  3. We actually were at like 192 online earlier which is promising. Been having people join left and right lately!
  4. Congrats @Demix & @Barcalounger both definitely deserved. Also thanks for the opportunity, it's great to be on the team! Also congrats to you buddy @Swxg Sad to see the ones who resigned go.
  5. Envy said they’ve been working on it. Shouldn’t be long my man.
  6. Kharyrll


    Is this a clan for Vitally or?
  7. Format: Text - Kharyrll Special Font Name? Use - https://www.dafont.com/docktrin.font Colors - Orange and White (for orange use a hex color code and use this orange if possible #e89530) Theme - Glow Other Information - I see your shop is down, just lmk on here or on Discord whenever you’re back (if you plan to come back) @Elon Thanks.
  8. Apparently you can't read, or aren't keeping up with the Discord. Everything I stated was announced in the Discord. Like I said above (if you could read) I was stating this stuff for new people who haven't looked at Vitality discord, or for people who aren't even in the Discord. And I don't know how remaining active is me hunting for staff faster, but thanks for the opinion. Now carry on. I'll never understand why you and other people want to constantly start drama for no reason. I made a post just trying to help out, that's all it is. No need to get so bent out of shape over it.
  9. hey who are you again?

  10. Not sure what the point in even commenting was just to say that. Simply lending a hand to Trick & Envy while they’re focusing on other things isn’t any type of issue, but okay. It’s a post, it’s not like I’m announcing anything that isn’t already available to see in the Discord. This was just for anyone who may be new or may not even be in the Discord.
  11. For anyone who may just now be joining Vitality, or just for anyone who's still playing and having the questions of "is Vitality dead?" "Is Vitality dying?" I'd like to take a minute to discuss some things regarding these questions. For starters, everything I'm about to inform you of can be found in the Vitality Discord here If you're unaware for whatever reason, the development team of Vitality have been working on a new project called Os-Scape. If you're unaware of what this is, this was a very popular PVP based server that closed down some time ago, and they've been perfecting it. Os-Scape will be mainly focused on PvP while Vitality remains our economy based server, that way there’s the best of both worlds. There's no release date as of right now, but they're making sure to have the server up to everyone's expectations and not just release something half done. Vitality is not going anywhere, the team has reassured us of this numerous times. Yes, we have dropped in playercount but also take in mind how many people are focusing purely on playing league on OSRS. I strongly believe when league is over we will become great again, also with the launch of Os-Scape that will help bring our players back. If you've missed out on the announcement in the Vitality Discord, make sure to hop on over to the new Os-Scape Discord to get updates and sneak peeks on the server when they're posted. The link for the new Os-Scape Discord will be here I can't stress this enough that the Vitality team has assured us that Vitality is not going anywhere and they are still working on it behind the scenes and working on updates for the server. And words from Trick himself, "Vitality will not be going anywhere and we do not plan on shutting it down, in-fact we are still working on updates for the server." I just hope to see everyone stick around for the updates as well as the launch of Os-Scape, and for anyone who doesn't know about Os-Scape from the past, feel free to take a look at some nice videos that're posted on YouTube, this one is by one of the popular pkers from Os-Scape "SLAPPED" make sure to check it out to get an idea of what we're in for. PK Video - Os-Scape I hope to see everyone in-game as well as on the launch of the new server. And don't let any of the rumors or people who are talking down on Vitality get to you, because it's not going anywhere! Feel free to shoot me a message on here, in-game or on the Discord with any comments or questions, I'm always around!
  12. Should try to keep this going, 2.
  13. hi i am big fan. autograph pls 

  14. Yeah true. Sad that people bot on a private server instead of just enjoying the game. It’s already easy enough. I also think maybe a “first to receive a certain pet” would be a cool thing to have, maybe once every day.
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