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  1. Thank you for all the work on vitality
  2. haha yeah I really enjoy this server makes me play a lot longer then osrs would
  3. Hello welcome to Vitality S1lent Hope you enjoy your stay
  4. Hello Vitality! My name is Nekouwu as you have probaly read from the title, I'm an 20 year old Vitality enjoyer and been playing runescape for a fairly long time. I haven't took time to introduce myself as I'm doing that now. I primairly do PVM but want to get into Pking. So I thought why not join Vitality and learn it here since its the best Pking server. So far I'm enjoying my stay and would like to continue participating in the community of Vitality! That being said I hope to see most of you in game and if anyone has a question you could always pm me and I will try to give my knowledge to those who need it!
  5. Sick man wish I could pk as good as you but still learning enjoyed the kills
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