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  1. The automatic DH tournament is active again.
  2. I know it's blurry, I don't really take selfies now frig off
  3. LOL remember going to theatre to see this when it came out along with everyone else and their grandmother. But tl;dr
  4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sPi_A2vVuel7gFNfCNEA3HVdak9XtxqB8DMyC-1FJFQ/edit?usp=sharing Needs a couple changes we'll fix it up tonight
  5. You can fix the blocky text by setting your monitor to its native resolution or you can adjust your ClearType settings in Windows if you're already on native resolution. "Corrupt mods" is a cop-out excuse that a lot of players that received punishments like to use in RSPS. Contrarily, the staff team communicate with each other very consistently behind the curtains and there's no singling out or shit-talking (and honestly, rarely any discussion that lasts longer than a couple seconds) about any particular player. We're much too busy for that. I think my response was more than fair, considering I personally remember how you would treat one previous staff member specifically, not to mention I can see every mute, punishment, and report from others ever made about you. We're just going to be going in circles and as I stated in your appeal, I can't commit time to that.
  6. Wouldn't mean much without a playbase to take care of so we appreciate everyone who has stuck around. Congrats to Swxg, and to Bkk and Leduc for easily passing their trial. Thanks for the opportunity too, James. Won't let you regret it.
  7. Welcome. You're right, current community is a bit small, it was a consistent 600-800 players online everyday in the past.. but I digress. Enjoy your time in the server!
  8. All water under the bridge and never helps to dwell on shit. Life's too short so enjoy your time.
  9. Personally I think the new interface looks great. Possible incentive to both players and the server as well.
  10. Let's fuckin' GOOOOO. Let's hope this year is going to be a hundy times better than 2020 was.
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