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  1. This is a tough one. I feel like BKK being a server support would be his forte. I'm a believer in the experience being good for his natural social growth, he's very familiar with the server and I don't doubt his capabilities to handle inquiries. But I can't recommend anything beyond server support because he needs to be focusing on what is really important for him right now, which is his schooling. So the time dedication ideally shouldn't be here right now. That also means there's probably no potential for promotions and that may be a detriment to the staff team if we're ever in need. Remember that it's not staff that you're trying to impress or prove yourself to, it's the server and its playerbase that you want to be taking accountability for and looking after. This means being on good terms with all of our playerbase and willing to help resolve an issue for someone regardless of your past experience and interactions with them. I'm all +1 for a server support position for him right now but beyond that I couldn't recommend, as much as it sucks to say.
  2. I like the determination but cannot support as of now but welcome to the server. Enjoy your time here and get your activity up, learn the ins-and-outs and other quirks of this server and consider re-applying in the future.
  3. Barcalounger


    Hey, we've been acquainted already in a PK team, looking forward to more trips with ya in the meantime.
  4. I appreciate you taking the time to put in an application. I'm on quite often and I have seen you around in-game more than once. I wish I could say that I've seen you helping in yell or the vitality cc even once, but I haven't. Maybe I missed it. Maybe it's timezones. But I am on a lot. There's also another issue; You had made a post that Vitality was glitchy because you were completely ignorant to our bot-prevention. A staff member also needs to have that attentiveness at all times that they're on, carelessness can't help the server grow and neither does uploading a video to call it glitchy regardless of if it was or wasn't--it wasn't--because it doesn't give the server a great image and we want all of the population we can get so that it's more enjoyable for everyone. That is basic business management. I haven't heard any other feedback from players, negative or positive, so based only on what I've experienced or seen, I can't vouch you. P.S. You have two applications from two accounts by the way..
  5. I am pretty sure I've mentioned this before, maybe not to you but a lot of others. The drop rate does not apply to CoX and ToB. This screenshot is from the 'Realist' mode, however the 'Regular' game mode says the same thing, it's a "10% NPC drop rate boost." They just didn't state for regulars that it doesn't apply to CoX and ToB.
  6. They've been great for the CC and players needing general help. Informative and quick to respond, friendly attitude toward everyone, active on most evenings. Bit of help here and there in Discord as well. +1 from me.
  7. Lot of great updates in this one. Thanks to everyone who worked hard on them.
  8. Discord personal DMs is an entirely different entity and isn't generally taken into account when enforcing rules of the server. That being said--even though I've only seen the helpful side of Cream in-game--I wouldn't feel right giving my vouch to someone with a negative personality behind the scenes. Sorry to both parties. It's a no from me.
  9. I like 'em, good for you, Creampie.
  10. Haven't been acquainted with you in-game yet but I see you a lot in Discord, good dude from what I've seen. Good luck.
  11. What a beast of a thumbnail, loved the clips and the change of tunes. Keep it up muh man
  12. Good luck bud, I've got a GIM but I'm not training it currently or else I would
  13. Guide looks amazing, Doty. Maybe RCing won't be so intimidating for newcomers now.
  14. You're a chinchompa.. oh yeah, nice guide too.
  15. Gz on boots bard

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