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  1. Incredibly active, is available on Discord, always in the Help CC and do see you answering questions in there often. Couple negative remarks that I've seen from you to other random players just starting out (relating to the servers current situation and standing) but despite that I can still support as you bring much more positivity. Good luck, Jib.
  2. Welcome. You're right, current community is a bit small, it was a consistent 600-800 players online everyday in the past.. but I digress. Enjoy your time in the server!
  3. All water under the bridge and never helps to dwell on shit. Life's too short so enjoy your time.
  4. Personally I think the new interface looks great. Possible incentive to both players and the server as well.
  5. Let's fuckin' GOOOOO. Let's hope this year is going to be a hundy times better than 2020 was.
  6. Always super unfortunate when someone loses their account and wouldn't wish it upon anyone as there's a lot of time and investment that goes into them. Here are a couple tips for securing your account: Refrain from sharing your password; Account-sharing is allowed completely at your own risk. Make sure you're changing your password regularly or at least semi-regularly, using a strong password. Use a unique password for different accounts. Set both a bank pin and an account pin. Bank pins can be set at the clerk behind the bank booth, account pins can be set at the security guard standing at the East wall of Edgeville Bank. If you're in need of recovery for a forgotten password, leave a post in the following section of the forums and we'll resolve it for you: https://forum.vitality.ps/forum/61-account-support/
  7. Hey, claw. I still recall the reason that I was skeptical about your first staff application. At that time, I still felt it was a fair reasoning and I gave my explanations why I felt that. But lately, I've been a bit impressed at the activity and effort you're still putting into the server since then, regardless of it. I see you in the CC, helping when you're able to and I see you interacting with our other players. So I'd like to retract my previous statements as the positive things you've done for the server now far outweigh that particular reason I couldn't support it. I'd be content with putting my support behind you now. Whether you're accepted or not, still wish ya good luck.
  8. Happy Holidays, Arcy and everyone else!
  9. vitality with a lowercase v for the proper CC channel.
  10. Merry Christmas to everyone, you and the little ones have a good holiday, Kharyrll.
  11. Seen so many stand-offs between yourself and other random players, degrading, name-calling, etc. Discord is a necessity and I can't recall you ever helping a player, you'd need to be in the CC for that first-of-all. Either way, I'll still extend my best wishes so good luck. Just can't support this myself.
  12. Resolved, enjoy your time on the server.
  13. Are you on Windows or MAC? DM me on Discord if you need to. Barcalounger#8375
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