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  1. Perfect PK video 10/10. You really keep up the energy and commentary throughout every single PK! Good work, walk!
  2. This is some really good work. It looks nice and tidy, and it looks way better than the current home. However, if I am being honest, I don't think there's a need for a new home in Vitality. Everyone who plays Vitality is already familiar with where everything is and how things work. Even new players that have never played an RSPS before will be able to at least understand the basic layout of Edgeville and know where some things are. It's just not very practical/convenient for new and experienced to reloacte the home. With all that being said, your new home design looks great! You seem pretty talented at designing so keep it up!
  3. Thanks guys for keeping vitality up to date, much love
  4. Whole lotta loot, gz on the PK!
  5. Nice and detailed guide, good work!
  6. This is a very well-made video in my opinion. The only constructive criticism I can give you is to add background music (like you did towards the end of the video) because the video felt too quiet at times like in the middle of a fight because it's just silence cus you were focusing on PKing. Otherwise, great video, keep it up Chris!
  7. Hope you find the clan you're looking for. Enjoy your stay here at Vitality, Brad!
  8. Maybe the forums can get to know each other better through this thread, so just say what you do for a living irl with a breif explanation if you want as well. I'm a student at university studying computer science, in my 3rd year (out of 4). Used to work in McDonald's as a part timer but just recently quit.
  9. Welcome to Vitality, might see you in wildy so we can PK! Hope you continue enjoying your stay here
  10. Hello forums, I'm Pluffy ( or sxruf on the discord), 20 and from the UK. I've been on the server for around a month now and it's probably the one server I've spent the most time on but I mainly play other games like League or CSGO. I joined the server just to learn PKing and now I also do some bossing/PvM on the side. Thanks for having me here, I look forward to getting more involved with the community.
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