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    Love you all.

    Just thought I would let everyone know that I have stepped down from my administration position here at Vitality. The reason I resigned is pretty much straight forward, with work picking up and not feeling as motivated doing such things anymore in the RSPS scene. I have been pretty burnt out from the staff duties working these past 8 months, with these things in mind I thought it was best to give up my position on the team so that someone who is deserving can get to move up.. I'll never forget all of the wonderful people I met both in-game & on discord, definitely had some laughs to remember. Our staff team whether or not you agree with what they do or how they run things is doing fantastic right now, whether you believe it or not they ACTUALLY care about the community. Not a lot of people give our team the credit they deserve for the volunteer work that they put literally so many hours into each week whether it is in-game or on discord, or even just in personal messages with other people. I personally want to thank everyone I have met on the staff team for all the fun times. The staff team here works hard and they play harder. I am excited to see what amazing things this server does and where it goes in the future. I could give plenty of different individual shout outs but figured I'd keep it short and sweet, wanted to thank @Raw Envy for starting this project and giving me a chance to be apart of it in the beginning just like old times. I know I let you down a couple times in the past but just know that I have loads of respect for you and what you do, keep doing you bro. Also, I can't thank @Trick enough. Thanks for all the hard-work and dedication you've put into the server some people might not see it & we might joke a lot about some things but you do a wonderful job, which is why I've never had the problem at all working with you. @7 Dust, within these past couple months you have proved to all of us how hard working & dedicated you are towards the server & community, keep doing what you do best bro. Much love to anyone reading this, Runite out - no cap.
  2. Welcome bud, hope to see you around.
  3. Great work! Very useful.
  4. Failure in following the correct format or not meeting the requirements will result in termination of the application. Vitality Management Team
  5. Welcome to the forums my man.
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    Welcome to the forums man! Best of luck on the grind Let us know if you need any help
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    Welcome to the forums bro.
  8. Come get your sexy GFX from this man.
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