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  1. just do a dispute with this post as evidence brother. as you said, because you sold donations to other players youre the one thats completely fucked. dont get fucked.
  2. I can appreciate the sentiment but that's far from good enough. Are you even paying attention to what you're speaking on? or is your head just so far up their asses you can see whats going on? as said above, this course of action isn't helping or achieving anything, just extra grief. what a shame.
  3. I'm right there with you brother, i literally spent 4 days grinding max cape, achieved it 2 days ago, to come on today to see this.. I just can't be bothered and it's not fair entirely to keep peoples money if this is the course of action. I don't think this was the proper step as I can gaurentee we arent the only ones that feel this way. Hopefully a better middle ground is reached other then offering more drop partys and giveaways which will in turn, just start ruining the eco right away... Already falling back into the same toxic routine. wish everyone the best, i hope to see my money returned to me because of my choice aswell as yours.
  4. So glad I grinded my max cape and finished 2 days ago for this... shitty it happened but I'm not doing this all over again. Anyway we can get our donations back entirely? I'm sorry but I understand this isn't completely your fault, but whos to say this won't happen again? Good luck however on re-launch.
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