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  1. Gl to the new staff and gz to @BKK on the promo! really had fun and enjoyed the server while i was active!
  2. Welcome @Doty! I hope you enjoy your stay here at Vitality! If you have any questions feel free to pm me in-game!
  3. I'm sorry if this sounds a bit rude, but can you not read? this is what you are doing wrong in order: 1-Minute 0:07, The prompt requested you to type "hjlwinyx", but instead you chose to spam all over. 2- Minute 0:08 since you failed the first question the game asked for you to type "rljwdlru" backwards which you also failed to do. When failing twice, the game kicks you out. 3-After logging in, it asked you to answer a simple question of 2-8 which you chose the wrong answer yet again. 4-Minute 0:20 after failing three times b2b2b, the game asked you a 4th question/request which was to simply click the tile south of you but you chose to click the one east of you. 5- Minute 0:26, After failing to answer 4 questions b2b2b2b2b, the game asks you the question "where is the US located" and surprisingly you answered correctly, hence what freed your account. @metalclaw102 I hope I cleared everything up for you, if you need any help, im just a pm away(:
  4. Iron Janjo

    Agility Guide

    Very nice guide, this is going to be very helpful for the people having a hard time doing agility!
  5. Glad i can be part of the team!(:
  6. I really love this suggestion becuase it's happened to my group +1
  7. Welcome man if any question feel free to pm me
  8. Yessir haha, im a GIM so anything extra goes to the boys Thank you brotha! Yessir
  9. Blowpipe at Bandos is the way to go one of the guys in my GIM got an extra bcp so didnt have to grind for that
  10. I miss the days when castle wars was a thing, sadly i doubt it would last if added to the server.
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