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  1. why am i banned?!

    1. Hippie


      what? ive made one rushing offense. and it was literally baited by someone who rushed me with overheads on so i rushed them and they recorded i didnt ofc.  other than that, my rushing is 100% legit and according to the rules. i dont use overheads and i use firesurge too ags maul. actually, i even give everyone i rush a fair chance at anti-rushing me by waiting for them to hit before i even move. runite had banned me because he was annoyed and thats the only reason.

    2. Hippie


      at the time i was banned i wasn't even rushing i was just standing at edgeville talking too king bu son and there was someone like 4 or 5 people thought was ahking. so i messaged runite and told him, then got instantly logged out and banned. He banned me because i had messaged him prier that day about something he wouldn't reply about. then when i messaged him about someone ahking he got annoyed and banned me. no other explanation i can think of.. if it says repeated rushing offenses on my ban log than that is complete bullshit. Ive had mods tell me im doing nothing wrong with my rushing repeatedly.

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