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  1. also you talk about commiting time to me like you are baby sitting me everything you are saying is blatent lies i can play anytime i want to and theres nothing you could actually even do its the fact your stopping me from having my account back with all my stuff on.
  2. Like i said i asked him for proof of me being racist and hes making decsions based on old staff members who was trolling me telling me i have a chance to play again and when it come to the time to appeal they declined it and all laughed at me on discord yet it was the staff bullying me they even banned me from discord for posting the proof and even the forums for posting the proof in the past.
  3. http://prntscr.com/xd83qz that pretty much sums up how they destroyed there own server with there corrupt mods 30 players online maybe 80 percent got a brain and thought yeh this isnt fun. this is my osrs account http://prntscr.com/xd8cg9
  4. Hello fellow players if there as still many playing i played this server at its peak and watched it slowly die off because of the mods making up lies and power abusing im not even allowed to play this game all because i farcasted once at edgeville i have a freind still playing who can confirm that i suggest finding another server with better staff who dont make decisions based on ex staff who power abused all the best to you im going back to oldschool here he is telling lies to keep me banned http://prntscr.com/xd8khz
  5. Wow this server died off real quick was it bad managment choices or just people clocked on to how corrupt it is people being ip banned for ragging once etc lmfao.

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