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  1. I have a very very important suggestion that WILL DEFINITELY improve the economy overall. While it might initially seem like a terrible idea for stakers to support, trust me, if you want to see this server's eco improve drastically you will want this to be implemented. My suggestion is particularly addressing the sudden crash of very expensive items like tbows and ely's, etc (almost every mainstream item you can think of crashed). The reason for this crash, I believe and have been told, was due to duel arena staking. People win hella tbows and elys and want to get rid of them for cash asap, so they sell them cheap and then others undercut them... until eventually you have the problem we're currently facing. THE SOLUTION I believe the solution for this would be to follow suit in regards to what happened in osrs. ONLY ALLOW CASH STAKING. Furthermore, to make staking help the eco even more, implement the 5% tax system (please don't cry about this, you will barely see it effect your gp). I actually suggested this exact thing on an rsps many many years ago and it was later introduced as a very effective system in osrs. Please, I urge you to consider this and I urge anyone who agrees to show support!
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