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  1. Congratulations to everone and welcome back!
  2. s1lent


    yeah i know but winner was never announced :3
  3. s1lent


    damn sweet price pool gl with tournament
  4. very nice Guide! +1
  5. hello guys. I Just started playing here last weekend, and decided to join forums when I Liked how the server runs bossing, pvp etc. My goal here is to get more involved into the server and the forum and ofcourse getting max set from scratch Keppo (; Little about myself I'm Silent. 23 from Norway. I do some youtube edits but havent edited in a while Mostly did csgo and source edits and some league of legends, Haven't tried making a pk edit before but would wanting to try in the future on this server if I get to that point. anyway hope you all are good if you have any intrest's to see my channel just send a pm and i'll link it to you, don't feel like advertisng on a introduction. - Stay Silent.
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