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  1. This is not a Hunter training guide this is a money making guide. If you want to train hunter, check out Kimmy's in-depth hunter guide. Black Chinchompas are, in my opinion, the best most consistent money makers in the game. Each black chinchompa sells to the general store at ::shops for 93k each. If you wait till big wars occur then dump on ge, you can get 150k per chin. However there is no way to tell when wars will be so I only ever put chins on ge for 150k if I do not need cash right away. I did black chins till 200m xp, tried many gear/combat level setups, and this is what I found to have the highest gp/hr. I was averaging anywhere from 100-150m per hour You can get more or less Chins per catch depending on your combat level. At combat level 3, you get 1 chin every single time you catch a chin, obviously. However at combat level 50 you get 2 chins every time you catch a single chin. Finally at level 120 you get 3 chins per catch. The xp per catch does not change not matter what combat level you are. This is where the amount of money you make per hour can change drastically. Sure being lvl 120 and getting 3 chins per catch sounds great but its not. The amount of pkers that run through there makes being a lower level and only catching 2 chins much more efficent. Throughout my 200m xp grind I have got attacked by many high level pures and only died a single time. Yes only one time and it was to a team. To escape I would run south to green drags, where the green drags would attack the pker and I could logout. This gear setup aswell as levels, are what I found to give me the most money per hour. This is definetly not the most efficient setup so feel free to change it. This is what I found to work best for me with a low start up cost. I bought the dfs for 20m and highly recommend. I would say that if going for a tank setup, veracs is almost required. You can get veracs at ::shops at the barrows store for 2m a piece with the helm being 4m. If you want to upgrade the neitiznot helm to veracs or even guthans helm, aswell as dboots and fury, feel free. You may not want to risk this much but after a while when you feel more comfortable, might prefer risking more for the much better defense stats. Btw you do not need anything in the weapon slot, I just have scim there cause it looks amazing. When getting ready to go catch chins I would use the preset shown above. You then run to wherever you want to chin hunt at and drop your traps. I recommend setting them up in this pattern, then sitting in the middle. You can then right click all of the traps and click reset for the fastest method. After setting your traps, they will not despawn until you log out. I then bank after setting the traps to get 5 extra food. In conclusion, I believe Black Chins is the best most effective money maker in the game. You do not need to rely on any rng and once you get the hang of it, becomes very very easy. You also do not need to wait for someone to buy the chins, unless overcharging on ge. Happy Hunting!
  2. I mean its pretty obvious hes pvming aswell as anti-pking you mongaloid. Imagine not knowing this. You are beyond retarded
  3. damn bro that shit spoke to my heart. Just saw its an NF song
  4. I feel like it auto fixes sometimes but its not consistant
  5. I propose we add an option from doric to automatically fix all of your broken stuff on death. Obviously you would still pay for it, but it would be a nice QOL update
  6. I love how much time and effort the vitality staff put into updates. They update constantly which is amazing. New content week to week. However, when the server updates it is usually down for some time after. For instance, last night they updated it and it was down for hours. These updates are great but not when they effect people being able to play the game. I suggest adding update days. Once or twice a week on set times, preferably week days late at night, you would be able to update the server while affecting as little people as possible. I don't know if I am only play while updates are going on, but it feels like updates are almost daily, furthermore, the servers go down for some time. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the amount of updates that are coming into this game. But it can be too much sometimes. So I suggest stacking up updates for late at night during these so called update days. Thanks
  7. Ngl the slayer rewards could be buffed a little bit. Currently the best things to get are rune pouch, looting bag, fighter torso, dwarf cannon set, and tarns diary, if you plan on revs. Most of these items though are untradeable. Most of the untradeables you can get are cheap af with wilderness points. I propose we add a new way of getting the three scrolls through the slayer rewards. Even if you make it 200-300 points, even 400 tbh, they would be the best thing by far to get. It would not be broken but would be a great purchase for people who have all of these items.
  8. Should make a global announcement when someone gets banned. people would be geekin in ::yell. that shit would be hilarious
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