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    Hello Lean! Welcome to Vitality! Feel free to PM me in-game or any staff in-game that's online or people in the "vitality cc" will help.
  2. Get Viggora's chainmace to kill Vet'ion. It's very useful against all the other bosses too.
  3. Hello, Since many people not sure what is Larren's key is used for and asking where the chest is, I'm going to make a guide for it: First do ;;mb, then pull the lever: Once you're outside mb, follow the path on picture below: Once you see the boat, go up the stairs: Once up the stairs, you should see a chest. There you should be able to use your Larran's key on it: Loot from the chest can be all the item that is on the server. Thanks to @Redtildead for informing me!
  4. Thanks for the guide! Keep up the good work.
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