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  1. Hey guys i'm Surly. Been playing Vitality since late August. Got a late start, but wanted to be competitive on highscores so I decided to make my first ever UIM. I'm rank 3 UIM now and closing in on 1 billion xp. I'm normally a PVM type but i've had a lot of fun skilling and maxing on UIM. Outside of rsps, i'm huge into bicycling(where my name comes from), disc golf, and hiking.
  2. Thanks. We just want our inventory space back
  3. Hi, Surly here. As someone who plays Ultimate ironman exclusively I have a different perspective on bug fixes and updates than most people. UIM is slowly gaining traction; since I joined the active UIM count has tripled. Sadly there are some annoying bugs that exist. Some have been around since the beginning and some were created as new updates were pushed. The devs have attempted to address some of these, but as I write this the implemented fixes do not work. I would like for more UIMs to be created but it's hard to recommend an already difficult mode when these problems exist. Below are some suggested fixes/changes that would improve gameplay for UIM. 1. Blessed D hide boots cannot be stored in treasure trails box without a full set of corresponding blessed hide, even though the boots have their own dedicated slot. (Devs have tried to fix this a few times) I understand there is some issue dealing with this issue as it has been listed as "Fixed" on multiple updates. It is still not working as of 10/10/20 2. Pets cannot be taken out of menagerie. (Before the 10/7/20 update could not be put in either) I am glad the devs have attempted to fix this and hope that they get it right next time. 3. Max Cape, and it's variants require a hood to store on cape rack This is not a bug, but seeing how UIM are the only ones who really benefit from the cape rack it would be nice to be able to store max capes. It is not practical to carry multiple hoods, therefore the best practice as a UIM is to never buy a max cape. It would be great if you could remove the hood requirement for storing max capes. I'll update this if anything else arises or as fixes occur.
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