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  1. Hey there waffles, make sure your private mode is turned on as " friends " that way you can Private message and see if your friends are online. Regarding the God spells i'm not quite sure to be honest.
  2. I appreciate you're Feedback & support thank you Congrats on support packers Babe well Deserved 100 %
  3. The GTR is my buddys car i drive E-39 BMW M5
  4. I highly Agree with you @7 Dust @LOL SMITED @Insidious I'm 100 % sure when you downloaded this game nobody from the staff team would do anything in there power to hack you, it sounds like to me you were either " KEY LOGGED " from using a phishy site related to Runescape or whatever you downloaded was not correct. As James stated ( 7 dust ) NEVER use the same password across multiple accounts. That's like asking to get hacked.
  5. Here is my work setup, 4 screens XD
  6. I recommend everyone should Join, Respectful community & great way to meet all the in game players and the vitality community JOIN NOW !
  7. Congratulations to the new staff recruits, I'm sure you all will be Phenomenal!
  8. lmfao!!! me too i thought Swxg actually posted a pic of himself
  9. pm me in game broski ill help you for free
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