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  1. Hey there waffles, make sure your private mode is turned on as " friends " that way you can Private message and see if your friends are online. Regarding the God spells i'm not quite sure to be honest.
  2. I appreciate you're Feedback & support thank you Congrats on support packers Babe well Deserved 100 %
  3. The GTR is my buddys car i drive E-39 BMW M5
  4. I highly Agree with you @7 Dust @LOL SMITED @Insidious I'm 100 % sure when you downloaded this game nobody from the staff team would do anything in there power to hack you, it sounds like to me you were either " KEY LOGGED " from using a phishy site related to Runescape or whatever you downloaded was not correct. As James stated ( 7 dust ) NEVER use the same password across multiple accounts. That's like asking to get hacked.
  5. Here is my work setup, 4 screens XD
  6. I recommend everyone should Join, Respectful community & great way to meet all the in game players and the vitality community JOIN NOW !
  7. Congratulations to the new staff recruits, I'm sure you all will be Phenomenal!
  8. lmfao!!! me too i thought Swxg actually posted a pic of himself
  9. pm me in game broski ill help you for free
  10. beautiful staff players legit! love you all !!
  11. thank you Smited, looking forward to making some more guides in the future
  12. ask an admin or global forums moderator to give you the super donor status on forums
  13. hello Shane pleasure to meet you.
  14. Just fou Swxg Alexa, play Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - S.O.B.
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