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Found 1 result

  1. https://discordapp.com/channels/552999552202833938/613865634673197056/613865938986598522 The Sitruuna legacy has once more reappeared from the depths of hell (LEGIT), to VICTIMIZE all of you degenerates lifeless mid-tier gamers. First day open on Vitality and caught this unorganized, mass-recruited bunch of randoms they were caught unaware of our presence and our SPIES (YES OUR SPIES) identified and picked out a potential victim for us in which we quickly and decisively took action. Goodfight 'agression' thanks for the quick feast. https://gyazo.com/3236325b3f55b25654c0977e018ebd9e Let's also NOT forget about this we victimized this man with the utmost confidence and an ego which is UNJUSTIFIED named 'G G' (name and shamed indeed) who was caught BOTTING ( YUP ON RSPS) the night before he came online. 12 hours after his ban was lifted, a wild turn of events led him to suicide for his max set and chucking his bank, (took couple hundred of Mils off him). Https://gyazo.com/19288366f91797d2db80008f1d814473 'jjj's garrbage clan trying to bring risk half tbed and slaugtherd for his only set their trash clan never came back to singles after this defeat https://gyazo.com/f082589a5a7ee4ba195225aec637f422 If you are indeed tired of listening to braindead leaders and need a way out, a better way; PM Jag The Swedish Sensation, Fred, Hrant. Link to our public discord: https://discord.gg/HYT4zvF
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