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Found 1 result

  1. The Corporeal Beast is truly one of Vitality's endgame bosses, with the most notable drops being the Spirit Shields, it is a boss that should not be taken lightly and a great amount of patience should be required to correctly farm this boss. The Corporeal Beast has the following stats. It's more notable drops are the Elysian Spirit Shield, Arcane Spirit Shield, Spectral Spirit Shield, Holy Elixir, Spirit Shield, and it's respective Pet. Drop rates are specifically similar to OSRS and boosted accordingly to account status. How to get there. Recommended Gear. There will be three divided gear set-ups, all favoring toward's the economic state of the player. Each gear set can have variations such as Slayer Task ( Slayer Helmet ), better loot ( Ring of Wealth ). Due to the limitations of the server, the best Stab weapon ( Ghrazi Rapier ) will still outweighs the DPS of a Dragon Warhammer. IT SHOULD BE KNOWN, THE CORPOREAL BEAST HAS A 50% DAMAGE REDUCTION TO THE EXCEPTION OF SPEARS AND HASTA ON STAB STYLE. The High Tier Gear - Set. The Low Tier Gear - Set. Inventory Setup. Boss Mechanics. Before attempting to fight the boss, it is recommended you use the Stat Draining Method, constantly using the Special Attack of the Bandos Godsword or Dragon Warhammer to reduce it's defensive bonuses. DO NOT TELEPORT ONCE INITIATING THE FIGHT, THE HP WILL RESET. The Corporeal Beast shares many different styles of attacks. Melee attacks dealing up to 33 damage. Magic attacks dealing up to 65, 55, and a split projectile of up to 30 damage. The Dark Core dealing of up to 13 damage every 2 game ticks. It is very important to take account the spawn of The Dark Core, which spawns at 1/8th of a chance upon the Corporeal Beast being hit for 32 damage or more. However, it is advisable to always use protect from Magic as it is the style of which it deals the most damage. The Melee attack. The AOE Magic attack. The Stat-Draining Magic attack. The Magic Attack. This is a very difficult boss, and should not be taken lightly, it is advised to rather duo or team-slay the Corporeal Beast for maximum efficiency. Thank you, and recommendations, additions to the guide, or critic is accepted.
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