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  1. Last Edited 11/21/2020 PVP weapons/Armour: 1.1 Vesta Vesta's Spears | 950M-1000M Vesta's Longsword | 800M-1000M Vesta's Skirt | 1000M-1300M Vesta's PlateBody | 1000M-1300M Morrigan Morrigan's Chap | 300M-400M Morrigan Body | 400M-500M Morrigan Coif | 150M Morrigan Throw Axe | 200k Ea Statius Statius' Hammer | 450M-550M Statius' Helm | 250M Statius' Leg | 300M Statius' Chest | 300M Zuriel Zuriel staff | 70M-100M Zuriel Robes | 100M Zuriel Bottom | 100M GWD Items: 1.2 Armadyl Armadyl Godsword | 100-130M Armadyl Chestplate | 100M-200M Armadyl Chainskirt | 100M-200M Armadyl Helmet | 50M Armadyl Crossbow | 450M Bandos Bandos Chest | 100M-125M Bandos Tassets | 100-115M Bandos Godsword| 25M Bandos boots | 20M Zamorak Zamorak Godsword | 20M Zamorakian Spear | 50-60M Zamorak Hasta | 50-60M Saradomin Saradomin Sword | 9M Saradomin Godsword | 30M Saradomin Tears | 4m Cox uniques: 1.3 Rare drops / Drop Rate Dexterous Prayer Scroll (1/3) | 125M-150M Arcane Prayer Scroll (1/3) | 100M-150M Twisted Buckler (1/17) | 150M-200M Dragon Hunter CrossBow (1/17) | 300M-350M Dinh's bulwark (1/23) | 130-180M Ancestral Hat (1/23) | 150M Ancestral Robe top (1/23) | 200M-250m Ancestral Robe Bottom (1/23) | 200M-250m Dragon Claws (1/23) | 110M-130M Elder Maul (1/34) | 110M-170M Kodai Insignia (1/34) | 200M-300M Twisted Bow (1/34) | 3.5B-5B ToB Uniques: 1.4 Rares / Drop Rate Avernic Defender (1/3) | 130M-170M Justiciar ChestGuard (1/8) | 210M Justiciar Faceguard (1/8) | 150M Justiciar Legguards (1/8) | 250M Ghrazi Rapier (1/8) | 100M-150M Sanguinesti Staff (1/16) | 4-5B Scythe of Vitur (1/16) | 20B-30B~ (Rough Estimate, Supply/Demand) Corporeal Beast: 1.5 Blessed Spirit shield (1/133) | 2M Spirit Shield (1/278) | 1M Cannonballs (1/278) | 30K each Arcane Sigil (1/427) | 1500M-2000M Spectral Sigil (1/427) | 50M-75M Elysian Sigil (1/855) | 3B-5B~ Zulrah: 1.6 Tanzanite Fang / Blow Pipe | 60-100M Magic Fang | 50M Magic Fang + Staff of the dead (40M) = Toxic Staff | 90M Magic Fang + Trident of the seas ( 125m) = Uncharged toxic Trident | 130M Serpentine Visage | 50-60M Cerberus: 1.7 Primordial Crystal | 60M~ Eternal Crystal | 60M~ Pegasian Crystal | 60M~ Donor Item/Miscellaneous: 1.8 Donator Scroll ($10) | 450M-550M Donator Scroll ($60) | 3000M Donator Scroll ($200) | 10B~ 3rd Age Mytery Box | 500M Pet Mytery Box | 800M PVP Mystery Box | 750M-875M Pharoah Sceptre | 1.2B Black Party Hat | 2B+ Black Santa Hat | 2B+ Black Halloween mask | 2B+ Reverse Santa | 2B+ Party Hats & Spec | 2B Monkey's Bagpack | 4B RainBow party hat | 8b+ Party Hat set | 5b Yellow Phat - 500M-600M White Phat - 500M-600M Purple Phat - 500M-600M Green Phat - 500M-600M Blue Phat - 600M-800M Red Phat -500M-600M Dragon Warhammer | 200M-300M Dragon Hunter Lance - 800M-1100M Hydra Claw - 700M-900m Nightmare related Item: 1.9 Nightmare staff | 100M Eldritch staff | 200-250M Volatile Staff | 800-900M Harmonized Staff| 1500M-2000M Inquisitors are calculated using current pkp price (8k x .60%) x amount of points sold in wilderness store Inquistors Helm | 75M-100M Inquistor Plate | 120M-160M Inquisitor Legs | 120M-160M Inquistitor Mace | 270M-360M Tier 1 Accessories: 2.0 Torture | 60M Anguish | 90M Occult | 5M Suffering | 150-200M Faceguard | 120M Berserker Ring | 30Mea Seers Ring | 5-10M Archers Ring | 30M Brimstone Ring | 125M Common market items (Based on market or lower than store value) Tentacles (Market/Not in store) | 5M Granite Maul (ornate maul) | 8-10M Whip | 1M Dharok Set | 4M Fury | 2M Dragon Boots } 1M PKP | 6,000-7,000each Votes | 600k-1m+~ Master wand | 500k Malediction/Odium Wards | 25-30M Rev Items Craw's bow | 25M Viggora's Chainmace | 20M Cannon Set | 20-30M Mage's Book | 5M Fremmenik Kilt | 23M Black mask | 40-50M Heavy Balista | 10M Crystal seeds | 30-40M Crystal Key | 1-2M Infinity Boots | 500K Infinity Hat | 10M Inifinity Robe | 10M Infinity Robe bottom | 10M Blade of Saeldor | 400M-500M~ Abbyssal Dagger 10-20m~ Skill Items 2.1 Dragon hatchet | 35M Dragon Pickaxe | 25M Smouldering Stone | 50M Dragon Harpoon | 5M Common goods from skilling Anglers | 25-50k each Adamant Bar | 30K each Runite Bar | 50k each Black Chins | 92k each (Gen Store) Red Chins | 42k each (Or 12k each Gen Store) Magic Logs | 20k each Mahogony Logs | 30K each Mahogony Planks | 60k each Maple Seed | 2M Yew Seed | 1M Magic Seed | 500k Visage: 2.2 Dragonfire Ward | 85M Dragonfire Shield | 35-50M Ancient Wyvern Shield | 50-60M Mystery/Super Mystery | Caskets: 2.3 Mystery Box | 20-40M Super Mystery Box | 300-350M Santa Hat | 350M Halloween Masks | 150M Small Casket | 5M Medium Casket | 15M Large Casket | 35M Giant Casket | 200M-350M 3RD AGE 2.4 Mage Parts- 2.5b each Ranged Parts 2.5b each Melee Parts 3b-4b each Clue Scroll Rewards: 2.5 Saradomin d’hide 10m- 15m ea piece Zamorok d’hide 10m-15m ea piece Guthix d’hide 10m-15m each piece All Glided Armor 15m-25m All Glided Weapons 10m-15m Glided Armor Set 100M Golden Halsta 10M-15M All (G) & (T) trimmed items 5m-10m God Cloaks 4m ea God Robes/ robe legs 5m ea Tuxedo suit - 15m Big pirate hat - 10m Rune cane - 10m Black cane - 5m Dragon cane - 25m Briefcase - 4m All colors of boater hats - 5m Costume Sets Anky Set (all 5 parts) - 500-600m For future price updates and concerns please ::discord and DM me @vitality discord - EmberFox#6278
  2. Doty's Guide to Killing Zulrah Gearing for the fight I try and use the best in slot gear available that I have and can afford to use regularly in game. Gear is as follows for corresponding attacks with Magic and Ranged and can be substituted for lower tier gear, I always recommend wearing a Ring of Wealth on all tier setups: Helmet: Serpent Helm>Ancestral Hat>Ahrim's Hood | Serpent Helm>Armadyl Helm>Robin Hood Helm>Karil's Coif Cape: Imbued God cape>God cape | Ava's Assembler>Ava's Accumulator Necklace: Occult Necklace>Amulet of Fury>Amulet of Glory | Necklace of Anguish>Amulet of Fury>Amulet of Glory Chest: Ancestral Robe Top>Ahrim's Robe Top | Armadyl Chestplate>Karil's Leathertop Legs: Ancestral Robe Bottom>Ahrim's Robeskirt | Armadyl Chainskirt>Karil's Leatherskirt Offhand: Ancient Wyvern Sheild>Mage's Book>Unholy Book Main hand: Sanguinesti Staff>Trident of the Swamp>Master Wand* | Toxic Blowpipe>Magic Shortbow* Gloves: Barrow's gloves Boots: Eternal Boots>Infinity Boots | Pegasian Boots>Ranger Boots Ammunition: Ample Water, Death and Blood runes if using Master Wand to auto-cast Ice barrage* | Dragon Darts>Rune Darts | Amethyst Arrow>Rune Arrow* Ring: Ring of Wealth Recomended Combat levels 80+ 80+ 70+ 80+ 44+ Getting there Head over to the Vitality Wizard and select the following options: Head to the end of the Dock and Board the Sacrificial Boat Zulrah's different forms This is Zulrah's Serpentine Form - You can expect mostly Range attacks with the exception of when Zulrah does it's "Jad" rotation in which it will flick between Magic attacks and Range attacks after 3 minutes of total time. Pray Ranged and Mystic Might or Augury while attacking with Magic as this form is highly resistant to ranged attacks. This is Zulrah's Magma Form - You can expect Melle attacks which can be completely safe spotted as of now. Pray Mystic Might or Augury while attacking with Magic as this form takes more magic damage then it does with ranged. This is Zulrah's Tanzanite Form - You can expect both Ranged and Magic attacks. Pray Ranged at the start along with Eagle Eye or Rigour and flick to Mage protect when you notice his attacks change while attacking with ranged as this form is highly resistant to magic attacks. This is one of Zulrah's Snakelings Snakelings are monsters that Zulrah will summon during the fight via shooting white orbs. They only have 1 Hitpoint. They attack with either magic or melee, but never both. Both Snakelings have 1 Defence with -40 against all combat styles, and have a max hit of 15. I personally do not worry about killing Snakelings as their damage is usually minimal, feel free to kill them if they are causing a problem for you. Here are the Safe Spots I have identified and currently use: These 5 Squares are safe from Zulrah's Venom clouds which span a 2X2 radius and deal varying damage per tick as long as the player is standing in its radius. The Red Square is where you will stand to fight Zulrah when it enters it's Magma Form Subsequent Green and Blue Squares are where you can stand when Zulrah is in either it's Serpentime Form or it's Tanzanite Form and be safe from venom cloud damage. This is one of Zulrah's Venom clouds, clouds spawn based on Zulrah's rotation, running through venom clouds is sometimes required and will cause minor damage in comparison to standing in them. What to do if you die In the event you die while fighting Zulrah all items except the three most valuable will be held by Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig. Items held by the priestess are PERMANENTLY LOST if the player dies an unsafe death before reclaiming them. You will need to pay her 200k GP to retrieve your items. Notable drops Zulrah Scales are always dropped and Zulrah's scales are used to charge Serpentine Helmet, Toxic Blowpipe, Toxic Staff of the Dead, and Trident of the Swamp. It can also be used to create Anti-Venom potions at 87 Herblore for experience. Tanzanite fangs can be crafted into a Toxic Blowpipe with a chisel with 53 Fletching Magic fangs can be added to the Staff of the Dead to create a Toxic staff of the Dead, or to a Trident of the Seas to create a Trident of the Swamp Serpentine Visage can be crafted into a Serpentine Helm with a chisel with 52 Crafting
  3. Doty's Guide to 99 Runecrafting In this guide we will be using the Abyss to move to different Altars to obtain our 99 Runecrafting. Gearing for the Journey You will need either a Pickaxe, Woodcutting Axe or a Tinderbox and some Pure Essence and a Chisel to begin This method requires a minimum level of 38 mining and 38 crafting Getting there Head over to the Vitality Wizard and select the following options: !THIS WILL TELEPORT YOU INTO THE WILDERNESS! !THIS WILL TELEPORT YOU INTO THE WILDERNESS! After teleporting, select the 'Teleport' option from the Mage of Zamorak !UPON TELEPORTATION INTO THE ABYSS YOU WILL BE SKULLED AND YOUR PRAYER WILL BE DRAINED TO ZERO! Entering the Abyss, you will be put into a random location within the Outer Ring You will be surrounded by 3 different types of Abyssal Demons that will attack you The goal is to enter into the Inner Ring using 1 of 6 different options: You can Cop the Tendrils with a woodcutting axe You can Mine the Rock with a mining pickaxe You can Burn-down the Boils with a Tinderbox You can Distract the Eyes with your Thieving skills You can Squeeze-through the Gaps using your Agility skills You can also Go-through the Passages if you can find one All possible entrances lead to the same Inner Ring, there are no monsters here The following levels correlate to the runes that can be crafted: 1Air rune 2Mind rune 5Water rune 9Earth rune 14Fire rune 20Body rune 27Cosmic rune 35Chaos rune 40Astral rune * SKIP 44Nature rune 54Law rune 65Death rune 77Blood rune 90Soul rune* 95Wrath rune* * Cannot be crafted using the Abyss Setup a preset to include a full inventory of Pure Essences and either a Pickaxe, Woodcutting Axe or a Tinderbox and make use of the previous teleport option at the Vitality Wizard Levels 1-76 will be repetitive but should essentially be a breeze while using the Abyss, craft the highest level rune your current level allows, skip Astral runes and craft Chaos until Level 44 Continue this method until Level 77 for Blood runes Arceuus Essence Mine Upon reaching Level 77 you will now be able to craft Blood runes This is a new Milestone in Runecrafting, you will now no longer need to bring Pure Essence Instead you will now only need a Pickaxe and a Chisel to complete your journey to 99 Runecrafting Head over to the Blood Altar with your Chisel and a Pickaxe of your choosing You will now forgo the use of Pure Essence and start mining for Dense Essence blocks From the Blood Altar, follow the path and mine Dense Essence at the Green dots, you will need to have a Chisel in your inventory to do so After a full inventory is mined, follow the path towards the Yellow dot and use the Dense Essence on the Altar piece by piece to change it to Dark Essence After you have obtained your Dark Essence run back to the Blood Altar and use your Chisel on them to create Dark Essence Fragments Lastly, use your Dark Essence Fragments on the Blood Altar to craft blood runes. Repeat this process until Level 90 where you will now create Soul Runes At Level 90 you will want to start mining the Dense Essence and after changing it at the altar banking the Dark Essence to be more time efficient It is 7,688,099 XP from Level 90 to 99 It takes 28 blocks of Dark Essence to create 1 full stack of Dark essence fragments which equates to a stack size of 112, you can only hold stack of Dark essence fragments at one time DO NOT BANK Dark essence fragments! Once you have obtained the desired amount of Dark Essence you can now start heading back through the Abyss and into the Soul rune altar to Chisel your Dark essence fragments and craft your Soul runes! Congratulations on 99 Runecrafting!
  4. Hi, I just spent a lot of time trying to beat Inferno, and I thought maybe I can save someone else some time with what I learnt along the way. There are already a lot of inferno guides for OSRS, so this guide is mainly going to focus on the aspects that are unique for Vitality. I would read through the guide, watch an OSRS video guide, and then practise each of the sections. You should make sure you can complete waves 67, 68 and 69 individually before trying the whole inferno, or you are in for a rough time. They are hard enough without having just been concentrating for 15 waves prior and using up supplies. If you don't have experience with prayer flicking and gear switches, or have not completed the fight caves, this challenge is not for you yet. Contents: Equipment Setup General Considerations Prayer Flicking Waves 51-66 Wave 67 Wave 68 Wave 69 Equipment The image is what I used to complete the inferno. Armadyl, Pegasians and Ancestral can all be downgraded without losing much. Kodai wand is also not essential, but the 15% damage boos and unlimited water runes help hugely. If you have a twisted bow, your life will be much easier. If not, you'll need Dragon, Dragon Hunter or Armadyl Crossbow, and both Ruby and Diamond Dragon Bolts (e). Justiciar helmis as good as or better than Verac's helm, and Ring of Suffering is better than Archer's ring. Dragonfire Shield is a good alternative for Crystal shield, or Elysian if you have one. To save space, you could leave the Ancestral Legs and Occult necklace, but this will slow you down quite a lot. Justiciar chest is also optional, but helps a lot in later waves I think. Saradomin Godsword is definitely worth the inventory space, it saves more than 1 slot worth of supplies through the caves. You need runes for Blood barrage and Ice barrage - if you don't have a Kodai Wand, you'll need to bring water runes. If you are very confident, this guide probably isn't for you - but you could bring an imbued heart, and cloak switch. General Considerations Remember that the Rangers have a powerful melee attack, that can easily hit you if you mistime using a godsword special attack on them. Ideally, use the special on bats, blobs or nibblers. Casting from the spellbook hits 1 tick faster than autocasting, so where speed is important (nibblers at start of wave, melee snake approaching you, etc.) you can cast from the spellbook to hit faster. Both Pegasians and Crystal shield have a negative magic attack bonus. To improve accuracy, you can unequip this when using magic. Crystal shield also has a negative ranged attack bonus, so when defence is not needed (i.e. most of Zuk), you can simply unequip it. Before entering the Inferno, you should eat an Anglerfish to 121HP, drink a ranging potion, and use imbued heart. Prayer Flicking Prayer flicking is different in Vitality to OSRS, and you'll need to get really used to it. In OSRS, you need to pray Ranged or Magic when an enemy launches an attack, but here, the prayer needs to be active in the moment the hitsplat appears on your character. This makes some things harder, but also allows us to do some flicks which would be very difficult in OSRS. It means that it is almost impossible to flick the Mage and Ranger at the same time - the timing of when to flick is not consistent with their animations. However, this fact will help us a lot in waves 67-69. Waves 51-66 For these waves, you will want to start two tiles north of the west most side of the North East Pillar (as in image). As soon as monsters spawn, Ice barrage the nibblers. If they survive and it is safe to do so, finish killing them, and then move onto the rest of the monsters one by one. While learning, you should start the wave with protect from magic and your tank armour on. However, because we only need to put the correct prayer on when the hit registers, with some practice you can start waves in Magic gear and pray based on what attacks you. You'll encounter six types of enemies in these waves: Nibblers should be ice barraged immediately - and then finished off if it is relatively safe to do so. Bats have a short range, so you can Ice Barrage them and not take any damage or have to pray. Blowpipe also has a longer range than them, so you can switch to it once they're frozen if needed. Blobs can hit into the high twenties, so you should be careful and prayer flick their attacks. When they die, they will spawn a Mage, Melee and Ranged blob. I would ice barrage the melee blob, and then quickly kill the other two with blood barrage while prayer flicking. Melee snake can hit well over 40, so be very careful. Again, ice barrage is very effective and can save you prayer. Be careful when they dig - they will be frozen and invulnerable for a few seconds after surfacing. Ranger is the most annoying monster, and most deaths come from tanking the mage and ranger at the same time. It's essential to position yourself so that only one can hit you at most. There is also a huge delay on the hitsplat from its attacks, so flicking it can be confusing. Happily, the ranger actually has very low magic defence, so you can Blood Barrage it to heal. Mage is the biggest threat - it can hit up to 70, and revive monsters that have died in the current wave. You'll want to kill it as soon as you are able to do so without anything else attacking you. Blowpipe finishes it off quickly. Mages attack every four ticks, while a blowpipe fires every two ticks. This means when you blowpipe a mager, you have a 50% chance of your attacks lining up. If your attacks are in sync, you can set your quick prayers to protect mage and rigour, and get the bonus from rigour on half of your hits. If not, change your blowpipe to accurate for 1 attack, and back to rapid. This will synchronise your attacks with the mage. This will save you time, supplies and sanity along the way. In these waves the general strategy will be: Ice Barrage Nibblers and finish killing them if they survive and it is safe to do so. Find a spot around your pillar where only one enemy is attacking you. If a bat or melee snake is coming towards you, you can ice barrage them for the same effect. Kill every monster you can from your pillar, without being attack by multiple enemies at once. In good waves, you'll be able to kill all but one monster from your pillar. Blood barrage is effective on everything except the Mages, if you need healing. Blowpipe is ideal for Bats, Big Blobs, Rangers and Mages if you don't. If you find yourself in a situation where you can't attack anything without multiple foes targeting you, you will either need to prayer flick two monsters or run to another pillar. If the mage is still alive, to run to a pillar you should put your tank gear on, pray magic, and run to south pillar on the side closest to the mage. I would suggest having at least 60-70 HP to do this. From this pillar, you should be able to continue defeating the enemies one by one. When some of the monsters on the wave are dead, you can try and use your Godsword specials if it's safe to do so. Always try and start a new wave on 70-80 HP+, to avoid situations where you will have to use brews. We are aiming to not use a single dose of brew for these waves, and less than two super restores. Our healing will come from SGS special and blood barrage, and we will conserve prayer by prayer flicking every monster when we are in single combat. I highly suggest watching a guide on general strategy for these waves. Wave 67 You should have prepared for this wave by making sure you are full health with blood barrage and SGS. Before it starts, take a sip of Brew, Restore and Ranging potion in that order. Equip your Ruby Bolts. Start the wave standing in the middle, in ranged gear with blowpipe, with protect from magic on and your prayer book open. As soon as Jad spawns, start DPSing him down. As of writing this guide, there are several issues which make this Jad fight much more difficult than it needs to be - not only do the healers not block each other, so all five will attack you at once, but if you kill them they will simply respawn. Five healers can hit you very hard, and while it is possible to just tank them while finishing Jad, even if you survive the supply cost will be large. Freezing them with ice barrage is possible, but not recommended due to their high magic defence. I would suggest: Once Jad is about 60% HP, turn on Rigour. As soon as the healers spawn, blood barrage them to aggro all of them, and switch back to blowpipe (or Twisted Bow if you have one) for DPSing Jad. Remember I was saying that prayer flicking needing to be done at strange times helps in some cases? After a Jad attack, turn on protect from Melee. Only turn on Protect from Magic or Ranged when Jad's attack is about to reach you, and this will save you a huge amount of damage. Continue damaging Jad until it dies, and the healers will naturally despawn. If you start dying, you can use your Blowpipe's special attack to regain some health. An alternative strategy would be to run in circles around jad while attacking him, once the healres spawn. This will allow you to completely avoid damage, but is difficult, click intensive, and you may run out of energy. It is also possible to out DPS the healers, but I think the restore cost from doing this hurts more than the brew cost of tanking them. Wave 68 This wave is 67, but with 3 Jads. They attack slower so that you can flick all of them, and only spawn three healers instead of 5. Again, you should start this wave in the centre of the room on 115HP, and use a ranged potion. I like to angle my camera so that I am looking east, and kill the south Jad first. Once it is dead, I turn my camera to look north and kill the other two. I would suggest: Turn on rigour from the start - maximising speed reduces chances of mistakes. Once Jad is about 60% HP, put on your Justiciar chest if you brought one. As soon as the Healers spawn, blood barrage them to aggro them. As you are flicking prayers between three Jads this time, I think it's too risky to change to Melee prayer inbetween hits. As there are only three this time, you should be able to finish Jad without sustaining too much damage. Once the first Jad is dead, your life is infinitely easier as you only have to flick two. You can put your DPS armour back on also. If needed, you can take this pause to restore your health with brews, before killing the next Jad the same way as the first. The final jad you can treat like wave 67, and simply camp Protect Melee and change for Jad's attacks. This will help conserve supplies for Zuk. Once the final Jad is dead, again quickly brew up, restore, and drink a ranging potion. Wave 69 This wave is long. If you have a twisted bow, use that. Otherwise, use Ruby Bolts with your crossbow on Long Ranged until Zuk is under 240 HP and the healers are dead, and then switch to Diamond Bolts. You will no longer need any of your magic gear. At the start of the wave, run north right behind the shield. You will have to multitask, and will have a list of priorities: Stay behind the shield, or Zuk will likely one hit you. The spaces one east and one west of the edge of the shield are also safe. At 80 run energy, drink a stamina potion and continue to do so every time one runs out. Prayer flick Jad, if it is alive. Tag the enemies that spawn, or they will destroy your shield and Zuk will kill you. The fight can be broken down into 5 phases: The beginning - the shield will start in the middle, and move either left or right. If it moves left, then the second phase will begin when it reaches the left edge for the second time, and vice versa. During this time, you want to be following behind the shield while attacking Zuk as often as possible. If you have the extra headspace, you can changed your weapon to accurate or rapid when near the centre of line. At this point, a Mage (west) and Range (east) will spawn - you need to do two things right before this. Equip your tank armour (if you brought it), and start a timer. If you are in the left corner when they spawn, pray magic and rigour, and use your crossbow to tag the Mage. Then attack the ranger until it is in blowpipe range, and finish it with that. From the right corner safespot, blowpipe on long ranged can reach. Use your special attack as soon as you see yourself take any damage. If you are in the right corner when they spawn, try to kill the ranger as fast as possible with your blowpipe. If you don't manage to kill it before it is out of ranged, switch back to your crossbow and attack Zuk until you are able to finish it. Continue damaging Zuk until it is around 700HP (or switch to Diamond bolts and push it down to 650). When the timer we started earlier reaches 3:30, another mage and ranger will spawn. If we are fast, it is possible to skip this until later, but for a first attempt, I think it it best to wait for them to spawn before pushing Zuk under 600HP. If Zuk is under 700 HP and you still have time before the next enemies spawn, you can start killing the Mage that is left over from the first set. When the second set spawn, repeat step two. As soon as the Ranger is dead, DPS Zuk to under 600 HP as quickly as possible, and pause the timer. At this point, the timer for enemies to spawn is paused and 1:45 is added. You should now kill the remaining Mage(s). This is a good time to brew back to 115HP and reapply ranged potion. The next phase begins when Zuk is under 480HP - a Jad will spawn, and the timer will resume (unpause your timer). You now have to stay behind the shield, whileprayer flicking against Jad's attacks. Use your Crossbow or Twisted bow to kill Jad. When Jad is about to spawn healers, equip your tank armour and continue attacking. If using a crossbow, switch to Diamond bolts when it is under 250 HP. Once Jad is dead, continue DPSing Zuk, bringing it not lower than 240HP. If your timer has less than 6 minutes on it, you can proceed directly to phase 6. Otherwise, I would brew up to full, ranged potion, and wait for another Ranger and Mage, and repeat step 2. When Zuk is below 240HP, it will spawn 4 healers which rapidly restore its health. Drop Zuk under 240 when you are in one of the corners, and switch to your blowpipe. As you follow the shield, tag all the healers one by one, and then kill them as quickly as possible, using your blowpipe special to heal if needed. They will damage you quite a lot, so be careful. Once they are dead, continue DPSing Zuk until he is dead. Switch to Diamond Bolts at around 250HP. Here's an example of dealing with a spawn of Mage and Ranger:
  5. The Corporeal Beast is truly one of Vitality's endgame bosses, with the most notable drops being the Spirit Shields, it is a boss that should not be taken lightly and a great amount of patience should be required to correctly farm this boss. The Corporeal Beast has the following stats. It's more notable drops are the Elysian Spirit Shield, Arcane Spirit Shield, Spectral Spirit Shield, Holy Elixir, Spirit Shield, and it's respective Pet. Drop rates are specifically similar to OSRS and boosted accordingly to account status. How to get there. Recommended Gear. There will be three divided gear set-ups, all favoring toward's the economic state of the player. Each gear set can have variations such as Slayer Task ( Slayer Helmet ), better loot ( Ring of Wealth ). Due to the limitations of the server, the best Stab weapon ( Ghrazi Rapier ) will still outweighs the DPS of a Dragon Warhammer. IT SHOULD BE KNOWN, THE CORPOREAL BEAST HAS A 50% DAMAGE REDUCTION TO THE EXCEPTION OF SPEARS AND HASTA ON STAB STYLE. The High Tier Gear - Set. The Low Tier Gear - Set. Inventory Setup. Boss Mechanics. Before attempting to fight the boss, it is recommended you use the Stat Draining Method, constantly using the Special Attack of the Bandos Godsword or Dragon Warhammer to reduce it's defensive bonuses. DO NOT TELEPORT ONCE INITIATING THE FIGHT, THE HP WILL RESET. The Corporeal Beast shares many different styles of attacks. Melee attacks dealing up to 33 damage. Magic attacks dealing up to 65, 55, and a split projectile of up to 30 damage. The Dark Core dealing of up to 13 damage every 2 game ticks. It is very important to take account the spawn of The Dark Core, which spawns at 1/8th of a chance upon the Corporeal Beast being hit for 32 damage or more. However, it is advisable to always use protect from Magic as it is the style of which it deals the most damage. The Melee attack. The AOE Magic attack. The Stat-Draining Magic attack. The Magic Attack. This is a very difficult boss, and should not be taken lightly, it is advised to rather duo or team-slay the Corporeal Beast for maximum efficiency. Thank you, and recommendations, additions to the guide, or critic is accepted.
  6. Table of contents 1. Requirements to raid and room specific items 2. Gearing, Bis to welfare grading 3. General raids info Keywords for CTRL+F: requirements, gear, potions, tekton, crabs, scouting 1. Requirements to start raiding Skills: 78(90) herblore. 80+ agility. 80+ thieving. 30+ construction. 55+ farming(highly suggest 90+) items: Pickaxe for guardians. Crush weapon for Tekton. Hammer for crabs+construction (Dwh works, Swh does not) Salve amulet (i) for Skeletal mystics (kill 225 undead creatures, buy it off of Twiggy south of ::shops for 100k, upgrade it at doric) PSA: a stab weapon is not required for the crystals on Vasa (as of now) 2. Gearing, bis to welfare Solos Notable: if you go with toxic trident instead, you can bank the tome of fire for another angler or restore Team raids Notable: if you go with toxic trident instead, you can bank the tome of fire for another angler or restore, Avernic defender is for dwh specs/guardians Learner teams setup Notable: A lot more food, a lot less switches. Bringing 2 extra brews into olm does more than the melee gear does, so this is by far the best setup for learners Teams Raids Void Notable: A lot more food, a lot less switches. a lot less tanky, but A LOT less costly aswell! Bis items, slot for slot Helm: Neitiznot Faceguard > Serpentine Helm > Helm of Neitiznot | Q: is Ancestral hat worth bringing? A: yes, if it gives a max hit. Otherwise, no. Neck: Torture > Fury > Glory | Occult necklace > Fury > Glory | Anguish > Fury > Glory Back: Infernal cape > Fire cape | Avas Assembler > Avas Accumulator | Q: is Mage arena2 cloak worth bringing? A: yes, if it gives a max hit. Otherwise, no. Weapon: Scythe > Dragon hunter lance > Rapier > Tent whip > Zamorakian hasta>Whip | Harmonised>Ttrident>trident>Volatile>Kodai>Nightmare staff>Master wand>ancient staff | Blowpipe(required) Tbow>DHCB>ACB>DCB>RCB Special attack weapon: Dragon warhammer > Statius warhammer > Bandos godsword > Volatile staff > Crystal halberd > Dragon claws > Vls Crush weapon for tekton: Scythe>Bludgeon>Elder maul>Zamorakian hasta>DHL>DWH/SWH Offhand: Avernic defender > dragon defender | Tome of fire | no mage or ranged offhand is worth a spot in the inventory, considering none of them give a max hit, and accuracy is never an issue in raids. Avernic defender is perusually not worth bringing if you've got a scythe either, unless you're really comfortable with your amount of food/supplies that you're giving up for it. Chest: Vesta>statius>bandos>Torso>obsidian | Ancestral > Zuriels > Ahrims | Morrigans > Armadyl > Blessed d'hide Legs: Vesta>statius>bandos>obsidan | Ancestral > Zuriels > Ahrims | Morrigans > Armadyl > Blessed d'hide Gloves: Ferocious gloves > barrows gloves | Tormented bracelet > barrows gloves | barrows gloves > - Feet: Primordials > dragon boots | - | Pegasians > ranger boots > blessed d'hide boots > Snakeskin Ring: Berserker ring (i) > Brimstone ring | NO other ring is worth bringing, but if you have neither, just slap on whatever you can find to the slot 3. General raids info Potions Overload+ (requires 90 herblore to make, 2x can be looted from Tekton/Muttadile aswell) 1 elder, 1 kodai, 1 twisted, 1 noxifier leaf Xeric's aid (Sara brew, 78 herblore to make) 1 Endarkened juice, 1 buchu leaf Revitalisation (Super restore, 78 herblore to make) 1 Stinkhorn mushroom, 1 buchu leaf Prayer enhance (Gives you 1 prayer point periodically, 78 herblore to make) 1 Cicely, 1 buchu leaf Elder/Kodai/twisted Potions(regents to make overload, 70 herblore to make) 1 juice/mushroom/cicely, 1 golpar leaf Crabs In order to lock the crabs in place, you need to smash them with a regular hammer(can be obtained via scavangers) or with a worn DWH. Black crystal = white/nothing Blue crystal = melee Yellow crystal = mage Pink crystal = ranged Scouting I, personally, do any and all raids that does NOT involve Vanguards. thieving might not be too time efficient, but not so bad either way Does it give a max hit? check here! https://oldschool.tools/calculators/melee-max-hit Make sure to check out mod "dead"s guide for raids aswell! here: Thank you for reading the guide, I can't wait to hear your feedback! Good luck on the purples out there people!
  7. Money making This list is not inclusive of all money making methods, these are just the better ones in my opinion There are many ways of going by money making and you could divide them into 4 main categories: PVM PVP Skilling Miscellaneous PVM Pvming is a nice beginner friendly way to start off making money which can be done practically in spawn gear, although better gear is always recommended. Chaos elemental is a boss monster located in deep wild south of scorpia. Chaos elemental's notable drops : There are global events on vitality with timers that can be found in your quest tab on the red quest icon. These events include Skotizo and Glod. These two bosses spawn randomly in the wilderness and grant you a skull when you attack them. You can teleport to them directly using a burning amulet which can be bought from the supplies store at ::shops. They drop high tier items such as Bandos, Godswords, Claws and much more! Corporeal beast Corp beast can be accessed via wizard teleport. It is mostly hunted for its famous Sigil drops which can be very valuable , the most notable drops are shown below: Mice's Corp guide can be found here : https://forum.vitality.ps/topic/91-mices-corporeal-beast-guide/ The Chambers of Xeric , commonly referred to as raids 1. Can be accessed via the command ::raids or wizard teleport. It is a end game pvm challenge which can reward you with various rewards including the twisted bow. Taylor Twift's gearing guide : https://forum.vitality.ps/topic/1242-raids-gearing-tips-and-tricks-for-vitality/ Metal Raimon's guide: https://forum.vitality.ps/topic/1202-full-soloteam-raids-guide-cox/ Another significant bossing area is God wars dungeon, you can teleport to GWD using the wizard teleports. Mustbeozzi goes into further detail in his guide: https://forum.vitality.ps/topic/950-money-making-guide-by-ozzi/ Dragon slaying, just like OSRS you can make money off dragon slaying then their bones off to players for 100-110k each. Skilling Starting off with fishing angler fish, angler fish are most efficiently at :dz and require 82 fishing. Donor scrolls can be purchased for 100-150m each and is a worthy investment. They can be sold cooked to pkers for 25-40k each. Clue scrolls are super easy on vitality and can reward you with various cosmetic items including 3rd age which can be sold for a fortune depending on the rarity. Clue scroll help can be found on the OSRS wiki and if you’re still stuck you can ask in vitality’s own discord server! Slayer is an easy way to make money and slowly get into the game, you can make a lot of money whether its wildy slayer, bossing, or normal slayer. It has to be noted that wildy slayer grants you a chance of getting a casket drop which grant you expensive items! Access the slayer master using ::slayermaster . Other skilling methods can be found in Mustbeozzi's guide: https://forum.vitality.ps/topic/950-money-making-guide-by-ozzi/ PVP Selling PK points to other players They can sell for 4-7k and are in very high demand due to the PKP shop which can be found at ::shops First kill of the day grants you bonus gp! Smiting other players Smite is an overhead prayer.. When active, attacking another player will cause 25% of the damage done to be drained from their Prayer. This prayer is popular among player killers due to the fact that it can be used to prevent their opponent from using the Protect Item prayer. Prayers are deactivated the moment prayer points reach 0. Smiting people for + 1 ‘s PVP Caskets, Caskets can be earned randomly from killing other players in the wilderness, which gives you a chance at getting some good items! ::Redskull Risk fighting, involves 2 players agreeing on a predetermined value of items to be risked in a fight where the victor gets away with both items. Pvp chests can be found in certain areas in the wilderness. When the timer reaches 0 , you’d get an announcement of the pvp chest’s location. Miscellaneous Voting, voting helps out vitality a ton! as well as gives you two items being the Vote box and Voting tickets, voting tickets can be sold for 300-800k ea. Vote box possible rewards: Maybe you'd be lucky enough to be like Taylor Twift over here: https://gyazo.com/4a40dd95eeb92798e2add29cfd9f6871 Loyalty points The loyalty point shop can be found at the building north of edge bank. You gain loyalty points by staying logged in Most items are cosmetic other than the scrolls in the shop, which are the Bonus exp scroll, Pet drop scroll, Rare drop scroll. They are bought by players and can be sold for 5-15m each. Slayer points Slayer points can be spent at ::slayermaster: Most items here, are not really to be sold to other players ; the only items i'd bother sell for money might be the Imbued heart or the Multi dwarf cannon. Thank you for reading my guide, please let me know if it was of any help !
  8. The Dagannoth Kings are some of the early game grinds that a player can take on, let it be farming all three or starting on a budget and farming the easier Dagannoth Rex. We will be taking a hit at how to farm all three Dagannoth Kings. The Dagannoth Kings have the following stats. Their more notable drops are the Dragon Axe, Berserker ring, Archer's ring, Warrior ring, and Seer's Ring. They can also drop Pet versions of each King. Drop rates are specifically similar to OSRS and boosted accordingly to account status. How to get there. Recommended Gear. There will be three divided gear set-ups, all favoring toward's the economic state of the player. Each gear set can have variations such as Slayer Task ( Slayer Helmet ), better loot ( Ring of Wealth ). The High Tier Gear - Set. The Mid Tier Gear - Set. The Low Tier Gear - Set I do not recommend using low tier gear sets unless relying on Void damage output. Inventory Setup. Boss Mechanics. You must know the layout of the Dagannoth King Lair in order to understand how to begin the farming process. Dagannoth Supreme. You MUST pray Ranged, and preferably use melee attack style. It is Dagannoth Supreme who you will want to use the Saradomin Godsword special on. Dagannoth Prime, can be done safespotting against Rex or be far enough in order to not obtain aggro. You MUST pray Magic, and preferably use a ranged attack style. Dagannoth Rex can be safespotted in this position, without needing to be attacked thoroughly. Upon completing one cycle of Dagannoth Kings, you shall repeat the process in inverted form. Dagannoth Rex - Dagannoth Supreme - Dagannoth Prime. Thank you, and recommendations, additions to the guide, or critic is accepted.
  9. The Cerberus is one of the endgame bosses farmed in order to obtain any of the crystals used to form the strongest boots ingame, requiring a Slayer level of 91 to attack. The Cerberus has the following stats. It's more notable drops are the Eternal, Pegasian and Primordial Crystals used to upgrade the end game boots followed by the Smouldering Stone and it's own pet variant. Drop rates are specifically similar to OSRS and boosted accordingly to account status. How to get there. You must talk to the Key Master and ask about the curse for you to be allowed into one of the three passages. Enter any of the three passages to begin the encounter. Recommended Gear. There will be three divided gear set-ups, all favoring toward's the economic state of the player. Each gear set can have variations such as Slayer Task ( Slayer Helmet ), better loot ( Ring of Wealth ). Due to the limitations of the server, the best Stab weapon ( Ghrazi Rapier ) will still outweighs the DPS of a Dragon Warhammer. The High Tier Gear - Set. The Mid Tier Gear - Set. I DO NOT RECOMMEND A LOWER TIER GEAR - SET. Inventory Setup. Boss Mechanics. Due to the nature of the server, the Ghrazi Rapier being a stab weapon is miles better than the use of the best crush weapon, so it should still be considered the top tier weapon for this boss. Cerberus will deal mostly magic damage, use your prayers accordingly. But is able to deal all three types of damage of up to 23 hitpoints, you can know which attack will be used. His melee attack consists of a bite. His ranged attack can be seen as a spiky ball being hurled towards you. His magic attack can be seen as a smooth ball being hurled towards you. Once Cerberus reaches a threshold of 400 hitpoints, three souls will be summoned. Blue is magic. Red is melee. Green is ranged. Failure to protect correctly against each attack will result in 30 damage. Each attack will always initiate from west to east. Upon reaching a 200 hitpoint threshold, Cerberus will growl at the player, throwing three markers of damage. Standing on top of a marker will deal upwards of 15 damage. Standing beside a marker will deal upwards of 7 damage. These markers will explode after 5 seconds dealing more damage. The fight is not to be taken too lightly, the conjuction of it's normal attacks, the soul's attacks and the marker damage can deal up to 68 damage in a single tick. Thank you, and recommendations, additions to the guide, or critic is accepted.
  10. The Abyssal Sire is an Abyssal Demon - like Boss, requiring 85 slayer to kill, and is included for the Slayer Master's Abyssal Demon task. The Abyssal Sire has the following stats. It's more notable drop is the Unsired ( 1/ 126 ), and used on the Font of Consumption on it's drop table are the following. The Abyssal Orphan has a drop rate of 1 / 1000 Drop rates for the use of the Unsired are specifically similar to OSRS and boosted accordingly to account status. How to get there. Recommended Gear. There will be three divided gear set-ups, all favoring toward's the economic state of the player. Each gear set can have variations such as Slayer Task ( Slayer Helmet ), better loot ( Ring of Wealth ), etc. The High Tier Gear - Set. The Mid Tier Gear - Set. The Low Tier Gear - Sets. Inventory Setup. REMEMBER YOU ARE HERE FOR FAST KILLS, TELEPORTING HOME AND BACK. Adjust accordingly to your gear, or preferred method of farming this boss. Boss Mechanics. The boss follows three phases. First Phase. The Abyssal Sire must be attacked for the fight to initiate. During this first portion of the battle bubbles of Poisonous Gas will harm you and Poison you, adjust your inventory set up if you wish to stay for more than one kill a trip. After reaching approximately 90% of it's HP, you must then attack four respiratory systems on the sides of the arena. Second Phase. The Abyssal Sire dethrones, attacking you with melee, creating Spawns. During this phase, you will be attacked by four tentacles, which can be avoided by standing directly in the middle. Third Phase. The Abyssal Sire walks towards the middle of the room and will begin opening up it's chest spawning and delivering gas attacks at your position. The Abyssal Sire will spawn Spawns, attacking only with poisonous fumes, teleporting you to him and detonating itself to deal massive amounts of damage, this can be evaded by walking two tiles away. You MUST switch towards your melee counterpart gear. Safespot position if need to heal during the fight. Thank you, and recommendations, additions to the guide, or critic is accepted.
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