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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there Brozzers! I'm Cleanie, you can call me Kristian and I'm from the Philippines. I joined Vitality for many reasons such as practicing the Inferno and having my fair share of no armor venge fights. I'm looking forward to incinerate people like brozzer o and ruck every shitter that goes on my way. Stay safe and stay fit! pce
  2. Azurill


    Hi all! My name's Jeremy, I'm new to the Vitality community, started today. I'll mostly be playing on my UIM Azurill, though may choose to make a main at some point later on. I tend to keep to skilling, as I find it a lot more enjoyable than the rest of the content. Prior to joining here I played some other servers, and have coded for a couple in the past too. Outside of the RSPS scene, I work as a Software Engineer for Amazon Music in LA, though I've just recently started this job after working for Bloomberg LP. I geek out easily when it comes to tech talk, as well as ultimate frisbee, swimming, and some book and movie series (ATLA, anyone?). I also have some background in making forums graphics, mostly simple 2D and some 3D modelling. I look forward to getting to meet you all! Please feel free to send me a message either in-game or through the forums! Jeremy
  3. Hey HI. You can just call me Rain. I live in Franklin Tennessee and work as a Paramedic/Flight Medic for AMR (American Medical Response) out of Nashville TN. Y'all have seen me around. Plan to be here for the long haul. Shout out to Joey for teaching a noob how to max alongside pking. If you enjoy PVM hmu for raids.
  4. 'Ello I'm 'Iron Buttbob' and have been playing here since a couple of days now, had a blast so far and met lots of nice people! My pking alt is: 'Butthurtboy', and i'm a propper noob at pking hit me up ingame if you're iron as well and need advice or want to get into raiding or so, or just want to chat haha See you ingame peeps
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