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  1. Doty's Guide to Killing Zulrah Gearing for the fight I try and use the best in slot gear available that I have and can afford to use regularly in game. Gear is as follows for corresponding attacks with Magic and Ranged and can be substituted for lower tier gear, I always recommend wearing a Ring of Wealth on all tier setups: Helmet: Serpent Helm>Ancestral Hat>Ahrim's Hood | Serpent Helm>Armadyl Helm>Robin Hood Helm>Karil's Coif Cape: Imbued God cape>God cape | Ava's Assembler>Ava's Accumulator Necklace: Occult Necklace>Amulet of Fury>Amulet of Glory | Necklace of Anguish>Amulet of Fury>Amulet of Glory Chest: Ancestral Robe Top>Ahrim's Robe Top | Armadyl Chestplate>Karil's Leathertop Legs: Ancestral Robe Bottom>Ahrim's Robeskirt | Armadyl Chainskirt>Karil's Leatherskirt Offhand: Ancient Wyvern Sheild>Mage's Book>Unholy Book Main hand: Sanguinesti Staff>Trident of the Swamp>Master Wand* | Toxic Blowpipe>Magic Shortbow* Gloves: Barrow's gloves Boots: Eternal Boots>Infinity Boots | Pegasian Boots>Ranger Boots Ammunition: Ample Water, Death and Blood runes if using Master Wand to auto-cast Ice barrage* | Dragon Darts>Rune Darts | Amethyst Arrow>Rune Arrow* Ring: Ring of Wealth Recomended Combat levels 80+ 80+ 70+ 80+ 44+ Getting there Head over to the Vitality Wizard and select the following options: Head to the end of the Dock and Board the Sacrificial Boat Zulrah's different forms This is Zulrah's Serpentine Form - You can expect mostly Range attacks with the exception of when Zulrah does it's "Jad" rotation in which it will flick between Magic attacks and Range attacks after 3 minutes of total time. Pray Ranged and Mystic Might or Augury while attacking with Magic as this form is highly resistant to ranged attacks. This is Zulrah's Magma Form - You can expect Melle attacks which can be completely safe spotted as of now. Pray Mystic Might or Augury while attacking with Magic as this form takes more magic damage then it does with ranged. This is Zulrah's Tanzanite Form - You can expect both Ranged and Magic attacks. Pray Ranged at the start along with Eagle Eye or Rigour and flick to Mage protect when you notice his attacks change while attacking with ranged as this form is highly resistant to magic attacks. This is one of Zulrah's Snakelings Snakelings are monsters that Zulrah will summon during the fight via shooting white orbs. They only have 1 Hitpoint. They attack with either magic or melee, but never both. Both Snakelings have 1 Defence with -40 against all combat styles, and have a max hit of 15. I personally do not worry about killing Snakelings as their damage is usually minimal, feel free to kill them if they are causing a problem for you. Here are the Safe Spots I have identified and currently use: These 5 Squares are safe from Zulrah's Venom clouds which span a 2X2 radius and deal varying damage per tick as long as the player is standing in its radius. The Red Square is where you will stand to fight Zulrah when it enters it's Magma Form Subsequent Green and Blue Squares are where you can stand when Zulrah is in either it's Serpentime Form or it's Tanzanite Form and be safe from venom cloud damage. This is one of Zulrah's Venom clouds, clouds spawn based on Zulrah's rotation, running through venom clouds is sometimes required and will cause minor damage in comparison to standing in them. What to do if you die In the event you die while fighting Zulrah all items except the three most valuable will be held by Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig. Items held by the priestess are PERMANENTLY LOST if the player dies an unsafe death before reclaiming them. You will need to pay her 200k GP to retrieve your items. Notable drops Zulrah Scales are always dropped and Zulrah's scales are used to charge Serpentine Helmet, Toxic Blowpipe, Toxic Staff of the Dead, and Trident of the Swamp. It can also be used to create Anti-Venom potions at 87 Herblore for experience. Tanzanite fangs can be crafted into a Toxic Blowpipe with a chisel with 53 Fletching Magic fangs can be added to the Staff of the Dead to create a Toxic staff of the Dead, or to a Trident of the Seas to create a Trident of the Swamp Serpentine Visage can be crafted into a Serpentine Helm with a chisel with 52 Crafting
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