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[WIP] 52xp's Ultimate Slayer Guide!

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spacer.png Ultimate Slayer Guide spacer.png

Introduction to Slayer on Vitality

Slayer is best used to level all combat stats, including Melee, Ranged, Magic, Hitpoints and Prayer.
In order to start training Slayer on Vitality, visit the Slayer Master by using the command ::slayermaster.
Before you begin, make sure you have these items in your inventory first: 
Enchanted gem.png Enchanted Gem,  Coins 10000.png Coins (placeholder)
You can obtain an Enchanted Gem by trading with Nieve. You can find her just north-east of the bank, here:


Getting Started

So, you're standing in front of Nieve and getting a task. You're confronted with four options: 

If you're looking for experience, I'd recommend starting off with an Easy task and doing Hard/Boss the rest of your time Slaying.
That being said, if it's money you're after.. I would recommend doing Easy/Medium tasks and checking out this menu:

Selecting the first option will give you Wilderness tasks. These tasks provide more risk, but much more reward.
If you're not willing to risk it though, definitely stick with the second option.. or the third one for a surprise!


Unlocks & Extending Tasks

The first menu Nieve has is the Unlock menu. Here, you can unlock various perks for training Slayer.
Read through these and see what is most convenient for you -- I would recommend nearly all of them!

Her second menu is for Extending Tasks. Here, you can prolong a task if it's something you might enjoy.

Nieve's third menu is another Slayer shop, holding some items that are borderline necessities.
Getting an Imbued Heart, Fighter Torso and Ring of Wealth (i) are must haves for efficient training.

Last but not least, the Tasks tab. Here, you can cancel your task if you're not a fan of it.
Please note: At the time of making this guide, "Block Task" DOES NOT WORK!


Slayer Items

Depending on the task you're given, you may require a specific item to limit the damage you receive.
Below, you will find a list of (most of) those items as well as the reason you need to have them.
In order to obtain these items, find Nieve at ::slayermaster and right click -> Trade her.

Facemask.png Facemask - Protects against Dust Devils
Earmuffs.png Earmuffs - Protects against Banshees
Bag of salt.png Bag of Salt - Used for finishing Rock Slugs
Ice cooler.png Ice Cooler - Used for finishing Desert Lizards
Mirror shield.png Mirror Shield - Protects against Basilisks & Cockatrice
Fishing explosive.png Fishing Explosive - Used in luring Mogres
Lit bug lantern.png Unlit Bug Lantern - Used to harm Harpie Bug Swarms
Spiny helmet.png Spiny Helmet -  Protects against Wall Beasts
Witchwood icon.png Witchwood Icon - Protects against Cave Horrors
Insulated boots.png Insulated Boots - Protects against Killerwatts
Slayer bell.png Slayer Bell - Used in luring Molanisks
Slayer gloves.png Slayer Gloves - Protects against Fever Spiders
Boots of stone.png Boots of Stone - Protects inside Karuulm Dungeon
Leaf-bladed spear.png Leaf-Bladed Spear - Used for killing Turoths & Kurasks
Fungicide spray.png Fungicide Spray - Used for finishing Mutated Zygomites
Fungicide.png Fungicide - Used for refilling Fungicide Spray
Nose peg.png Nosepeg - Protects against Aberrant Spectres
Rock hammer.png Rockhammer - Used for finishing Gargoyles


Slayer helmet.png Slayer Helmet 
Crafted using Spiny Helmet, Facemask, Earmuffs, Nosepeg & a charged Black Mask (Cave Horrors).
The Slayer Helmet protects against all monsters that it's components protect against combined.

While the regular slayer helmet provides a 16.67% boost to all melee attacks on task, imbuing it with Doric gives you 
the Slayer Helmet (i), adding +15% boosts to Ranged & Magic as well as +10 Magic Def, +3 Magic Att & +3 Ranged Att.


Resources for Efficient Slaying


Monster Assignment & Locations
This part of the guide will assume you know to use the Vitality Wizard to teleport.

Easy Tasks - 10 Points (?)


City Teleports -> Lumbridge -> North-East across the bridge outside the castle

Cave Bugs




Crawling Hands
Monster Teleports -> Slayer Tower

Cave Crawlers


Boss Teleports -> Kalphite Queen

Cave Slimes

Hill Giants






Medium Tasks - 25 Points (?)


Moss Giants




Infernal Mages

Boss Teleports -> Dagannoth Kings

Earth Warriors

Flesh Crawlers



Monster Teleports -> Fremennik Slayer Dungeon

Hard Tasks - 60 Points (?)


Rune Dragons

Adamant Dragons

Steel Dragons

Iron Dragons

Bronze Dragons

Cave Krakens

Abyssal Demons

Dark Beasts




Black Dragons


Spiritual Creatures

Blue Dragons

Red Dragons

Mithril Dragons

Black Demons

Greater Demons


Lesser Demons


Skeletal Wyverns


Aberrant Spectres




Dust Devils

Fire Giants

Boss Tasks - 100 Points


Kree'Arra (Armadyl)

Zilyana (Saradomin)

Graar'dor (Bandos)

K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak)

Kalphite Queen

Giant Mole

King Black Dragon

Dagannoth Kings


Abyssal Sire


Cave Kraken


Shout out to Bloom & Gilley for the help with potential tasks! Could have done it without you, bois ♥


Dungeon & Cave Maps


Slayer Tower:

Brimhaven Dungeon:

Edgeville Dungeon:
Edgeville Dungeon | Dungeon, Shed doors, 10 things

Security Dungeon:
Stronghold of Security map.png

Ancient Cavern:
Ancient Cavern map.png

Asganian (Ice Dungeon):
Asgarnian Ice Dungeon map.png

Brimhaven Dungeon:

Scen's Cave:
Brine Rat Cavern map.png

Kourend Catacombs:
Catacombs of Kourend map.png

Crash Site (Cavern):
Crash Site Cavern map.png

Fremennik Slayer (Dungeon):

Karuulm (Dungeon):
Karuulm Slayer Dungeon map.png

Mourner Tunnels:
Mourner Tunnels map

Smoke Dungeon:
Smoke Dungeon map.png

Stronghold Slayer:
Stronghold Slayer Cave map.png

Taverley Dungeon:
Taverley Dungeon map.png

Waterbirth Dungeon:
Waterbirth Dungeon Map.png






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Really nice guide, maybe also mention on Wilderness slayer part that you have a chance of getting Wilderness casket drops 🙂

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3 hours ago, Raw Envy said:

Really nice guide, maybe also mention on Wilderness slayer part that you have a chance of getting Wilderness casket drops 🙂

Appreciate the feedback. :^)

I haven't actually added anything for Wildy Slayer quite yet. That's something I plan on doing next, though!

First and foremost, I have to finish the list of possible tasks and add their locations, and then work on a block suggestion list when that is fixed in-game. But as soon as that's finished, when I have the energy, I will be throwing the wilderness tasks/tips up there for sure. ❤️


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1 hour ago, The Myth said:

Thx for the credit

Aye, I actually forgot after you left the chat and whatnot honestly. I'll do that in a min :^)


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