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Custom Hide and Seek minigame

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So everyone likes when people host games of hide and seek with prizes on the line, but it's not really hide and seek, it's more like a scavenger hunt. What if the game had an actual hide and seek mode though? The bullet points of the idea are as follows:

  • Instanced map like Last Man Standing
  • Remove minimap dots
  • The person who is "it" must tag the people to get them out, the person who is it has unlimited run and the people hiding can only walk.
  • There's a hiding timer of 60 seconds where the person who is "it" waits in a lobby. That's the only time hiders can run.
  • You can host a game if you put up a prize, if you do so you are it. The last person left wins the item.
  • Maybe custom rules (ie a toggle)  can be made where the prize can be split between everyone left after a certain amount of time, this would mean coins only as prizes though. 

This could also be a fun way for server sponsored giveaways in addition to tournaments, and would be open any time to any person that wants to give items away, or any clan that wants to have a fun clan event, even with no prize on the line just for the fun. 

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Never seen anything like this, personally. Almost sounds like Prop Hunt on Call of Duty, LOL.

I like the idea nonetheless. :^)


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+1, maybe spawn the person who is “it” with all types of rings 3rd age, nature, rock etc

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