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Vitality Changes

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VITALITY - To Strengthen the server!

Introduction - First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my proposal. my IGN is "Task" and i would like to propose a few changes to the server which i will list below. i will also provide a strong argument as to why it would benefit the Vitality community which will also put Vitality on track to being within the Top 3, RSPS.
To strengthen and preserve the server, i highly recommend the following to be considered:

I have been monitoring the player count for over 2 months + now. this also includes wilderness pking from both edge and deep. the player count is slowly dropping which means slowly, but surely, the server is starting to die. i have been speaking with many players both inside and outside of my clan discord and they have all mentioned they are waiting for a "new" server to drop. this server is called Zaros. while i am not among those people waiting for a change in server, i would much rather help perfect the one i currently enjoy spending my free time on. the playercount has been damaged due to a number of things which include, 1) economy wealth being held by dicers, 2) being cleaned and having no real motive to rebuild, 3)server lag and disconnection and inactivity in the wilderness during their timezone. i will touch more on player count further down on the other points i make.

Money Sink
there needs to be a better money sink in-game. with the majority of the servers wealth being held by those choosing to afk at edge providing a gambling service, in my opinion, not one individual should hold enough wealth which could potentially destroy the economy of a server, not to add control inflation of any item they desire and potentially, sell off their wealth for an IRL advantage. i suggest the following:-

⦁    staking/gambling npc (there is a limit less than the dicers at edge, allowing you to comfortably stake 10k or 1b max. while we all may have the desire to gamble one time or another, allowing a dicing host to set a 1b minimum stake req is bizarre in the sense this could determine if the person choosing to gamble, quits due to being cleaned. i feel having a gambling npc in the game slows down the process by allowing smaller gambles to happen and it also gives the player the opportunity not to get too greedy resulted in them being cleaned and then quitting. this damages the player count and feeds the economy holders as the chances are always in the dice host's favour.
⦁    A well of goodwill. this feature is in OSRS. it allows a player to use coins on the well, thus boosting a progression bar. we could set the progression bar at a 0-100% ratio. as soon as enough coins have been deposited within the server, a bonus xp, extra pkp 24 hour period will occur. this encourages a positive money sink, encourages those to skill during an xp boost and also encourages others who favour pking to pk more to earn the pkp boost!

⦁    Lottery NPC. this feature also places an npc in game to allow a player to speak to them, and buy tickets for a set value. each ticket enters you into a draw in the attempt to win the "jackpot" item or sum of wealth. we could perhaps charge a ticket at a 1 per 10 million gp rate. the money then accumulates into a pot and the winner is chosen on a timer of say, 6 hours? if you win while you are offline, the wealth will be placed into your bank with a message provided on login.
Quality of life update
⦁    Discord Icon. I feel the community needs to come together more meaning, more active users on the Vitality discord. while some users may not know the ::discord command ingame, why not create a discord icon in the clan cc? please see example below. not only could this be used to direct you to the Vitality discord, but it can also be used for quick access when your clan requires you to join voice chat. personally, this would benefit me and many other clan members on the server.

Bounty Hunter and Wilderness Updates
⦁    as you are fully aware, there is a bounty target system on Vitality. not many people hunt down their targets as i have witnessed this first hand by being in the wilderness both low level and high, and i have had the same target for more than 1 hour. even though i skip my targets from time to time, the challenge would be nice. so we need to come up with a way to encourage people to gear up and hunt down their target. in order to do this, i think we need to create a separate Bounty Target shop. this shop would serve the purpose on providing a different currency (blood money or alternative token) per bounty hunter kill. please see brief example of what the store could look like below. lets say 1 bounty kill could reward say, 200 blood coins? (a new potential money maker to bring life back to the wilderness and to create a constant looking over your shoulder environment). - the values of each item would need to be reviewed depending on value per point to item ratio. also, you could create a wilderness casket scheme in the shop for a high bounty point cost.
⦁    Wilderness Slayer shop / slayer shop - there could be a point system reward for specifically taking on wilderness slayer tasks. not only does this bring pvmers into the wilderness allowing pkers the opportunity to hunt down their prey but, a very generous reward system to those willing to take "the risk" - brief shop idea below but will need to be reviewed to fit into Vitality. i.e Black masks, tb rune pouch etc.

A clan npc with season rewards
just like the suggestions above, i have taken some time to think of a way to bring people back into the wilderness, bring active pkers from other servers to Vitality and to encourage those who do not wish to participate in clan activity, to join forces with the friends they have made in game and support one another in the wilderness in the attempt to reep some fabulous rewards. you may be asking yourself, how? well... let me tell you.
a NPC could be located at home which allows you to create a clan through your clan chat system for example: the account name: "clan 1" would be registered with the clan npc. the npc will show a list of each clan registered under him and the points each clan have accumulated. "a pointing system you may ask?" yes.. each participant in "clan 1" will eventually get kills. if a member under the "clan 1" cc manages to get a kill, he will be rewarded with points that then add to the total for his/her clan. the clan with the leading number of points at the end of a season"cycle" will get a nice reward. - reward to be determined. (points can not be gained by killing any other clan member or friend on your cc, nor farmed by killing the same person (abit like pkp at edge). 
i just feel not only will this be a great opportunity for everyone to learn that pk style they have been itching to try, or perfect their edge pking ability, this is a prime opportunity for them to do just that and, be active in their clan or friendship group cc.

just to inform you - i have many friends who are looking for a strong server and i know items i have listed below would encourage them to join alone. not to mention once word gets around how much greater Vitality would become and how active the wilderness now is, due to systems being implemented and strong wilderness slayer capabilities.

please accept my apologies for all grammatical errors. this was rushed as i have many ideas but none of them are actually on paper (lol) - happy to discuss in voice on discord if required.


Bounty Hunter Rewards - Wildy purpose.PNG

dicing npc with double items feature - money sink.PNG

Discord Shortcut.PNG

Lottery Npc with Pot - money sink.PNG

Well of Goodwill - money sink.PNG

Wildy slayer shop revamp.PNG

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GREAT IDEAS! I've been saying this since day 1. These are literally screenshots from another server though not gonna mention it lol.

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Absolutely love the ideas. The wishing well is a really good coin sink idea - we all love pkp boosts lol. Also the gambling NPC is an amazing idea for coin sinks too. Only people who would be against the idea is the dicers themselves. Probably hold over 90% of the games economy as it is. I think offering them a store credit for their dicing bag would be a reasonable trade-in. We'll let the admins decide how much that will equate to. In general, massive massive ideas which could turn the economy back to a healthy way again. Get rid of all the dicers.

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OK! So i've only got a few things to say, i've been playing this server for quite a while and i've seen up to almost 700 players only but for the past 2-3 weeks it has been only 300 to 400 players, wich means people are quitting, why? not much content into the server.. not much is beeing done to upgrade quality of servers life.. upgrades into the server are little to none and when 1 good thing comes into the server 10 other things break and they take a bit long to fix it..  wich is very bad!
YES! this post should be considered TOP Priority to have a good look at ! you have to do something about all of this cuz all this ideias are gonna save the server otherwise i give it 1 to little less then 2 months to be less then 100 online players, and the ones who gonna be in it  are going to be  the wealthiest and the DICERS players trying to take the little money the new players will have eventually making them "good deals" so they gamble, lose it all and say "fuck this server" and move to another one.

This server has so but so much pottential that i hate to see it going the route of "self Distruction" cuz no one is doing nothing to improve it! Maybe not doing all of this improvements at once is a good idea or maybe it is but you have to do them! 1 by 1 is good enough but this quality of life server changes HAVE TO BE DONE! for the TOP 5 on the voted list 400 players online is very very low amount! PLEASE DONT IGNORE THIS ! FOR THE SERVERS LIFE! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH TASK U DID A HELL OF A GOOD JOB! ❤️

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Thank you everyone for all of your feedback, it really does make a difference to know i am not going completely mad when having ideas such as this.

i wanted to add that, by having the wilderness npc in game, it would allow more clans and groups of friends to join forces, enter the wilderness and search for those they can hunt down for points to benefit their clan. fed up of the same people camping scorpia for 5000+ kc? do not worry, this will stop that as the wildy would be far too active for that kind of behaviour to continue.

as it should be, wilderness bosses should not allow the same people to camp the same boss hours per day making easy money. we need to look after the wealth we have and not make billions a day. yes, the aim for a private server is to have faster progress compared to OSRS but not too fast!

i would like to see clans battling it out to take control of one boss and then a completely different clan roll up and then attack those who thought they were in control. what great content!.

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