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[24/07/20] Combat Rework, Item Staking, Inferno Fixes & Tons More!

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Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! Expect to see more bug fixes & some amazing content in the upcoming few weeks! You will find the most recent updates and fixes down below.


  • Combat system rework
    • PvP should be much smoother overall compared to the previous system
      • Projectiles from monsters now cancel when they die
      • Tick eating for PvM
      • Being frozen no longer resets aggro
      • 1 ticking with volatile and other specials now works properly
      • Item Switching has been reworked
      • No more delay for granite maul and dragon thrownaxe specials
      • PID Switch shouldn't buffer anymore in PvP
      • PID no longer matters in Duel Arena
      • Armadyl Godsword accuracy change (Rolls twice for best damage)
      • Dharok's accuracy has been changed when low health
      • Bolt effects are now working properly
      • TOB PvM combat mechanics redone
      • Vorkath PvM combat mechanics redone
      • Zulrah PvM combat mechanics redone
      • Corporeal Beast PvM combat mechanics redone
      • Galvek PvM combat mechanics redone
      • Basilisk Knights PvM combat mechanics redone
      • All other PvM monster mechanics have been redone
  • You may now stake items at the duel arena instead of just cash only
  • Inferno fixes
    • Pathing so monsters get drawn towards pillars
    • Nibblers will only attack pillars from now on
    • Jal-Zek will no longer respawn nibblers
    • Coin caskets will no longer drop from monsters inside the Infern
  • Scythe of Vitur will now require charging,  this can be done through either vials of blood (1 vial = 100 charges) or by using cash on the scythe
  • Hardcore ironmen will now lose status if they die in Theater of Blood
  • Xarpus should no longer hit you during his enraged phase when you don't attack him
  • You will no longer hit an 'invisible wall' on Verzik phase 3 during the web attack
  • Tournament configurations have been changed to add an abyssal tent whip into the NH max main tournament
  • Inferno practice with max gear configuration has been changed to include an occult necklace instead of 2 anguish necklaces
  • The PvP leaderboard should now be functioning properly on every kill
  • Crystal halberd is now 2 handed instead of 1 handed
  • Abyssal demons should no longer teleport you into the walls
  • Black graceful has been added into Grace's shop
  • The chance of receiving purple sweets from clue has been increased as well as purple sweets have been added to the supplies store
  • There is now an option to hide free items  
  • Godwars lieutenants are no longer safespottable
    • To compensate we have decreased the accuracy of some of these lieutenants as well as Kree's melee attack has a slight delay on it 
  • A safespot for Cerberus has been patched
  • There is now a Priestess at Galvek's boat to collect your items should you die in his lair
    • Note: this is the same NPC at zulrah so you may just go to her to collect your items
  • Spec orb has now been disabled for PvP areas
  • Crabs in Chambers of Xeric should now change style if you hit them while stunned 
  • King Black Dragon's aggression range now encompasses his whole lair
  • Duo slayer tasks can now be cancelled using only 1 player instead of both players needing to cancel the task
  • Attack types (aggressive, controlled, etc.) will now save for each weapon used
  • Skotizo now spawns properly in Catacombs of Kourend
  • Ancient mace and dragon spear specials have been added
  • Ironmen will no longer receive giant or large caskets
  • Ardougne max cape has been added 
  • Infernal pickaxe no longer consumes amethyst whilst mining





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this is huge !


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Hardcore ironmen will now lose status if they die in Theater of Blood


Goodbye my lovers, Goodbye my friends 

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