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Resource Priortization (Implementing in-game Poll)

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Posted (edited)

My pitch: The developers should add an in-game Poll which is utilized to survey, prioritize, and address player's concern. Now,  forum's "suggestion" subsection already exist but due to forum inactivity from the players, or multiple posts raising the same concern, and lack of transparency, this all adds to creating an in-efficient framework.


1.) General Overview

2.) Submitter (details)

3.) Voter (Details)

4.) Incentives

5.) Staffs Role

How it works

General Overview
The booth opens and closes on the first day of every month and second week, respectively. Developers will use the remaining days of the month to address the "top polls" in the Vitality Newsletter, to communicate their approach on how they plan to solve or address their problems.  The booth resets at the beginning of each month | rinse and repeat.

Submissions (Specifics) 
|| Player's who are interesting in pitching in ideas, thoughts, and concerns can purchase a polling ticket from the Master Voter (NPC) at a fixed price for 500k. 

|| Players can use their polling ticket  to submit 1 proposal per IP address.

|| Upon submission,  posted entries will be visible to Vitality Players & Staffs -> Now voters can vote to prioritize community's concerns & thoughts


Justifications for color coded texts!

* Fixed prices > This will be discussed in the incentives paragraph

* Why should Voters Vote? > This will be discussed in the incentives Paragraph

* 1 Proposal per IP-address > are recommended to discourage spams, retaliations from players, and bring out the most important issue at the top of your head instead of having diluted posts. Lastly,  to make submission log more readable - duplicate topics will be removed by the staff members.

Voters (specifics)

|| Voters can see all the entries in the "submission log" and are allowed to exercise 5 Total Votes (Deltas!) per Ip address.

|| There aren't any voting fees, as this will discourage players from voting.

|| Players can cast 1 vote(Deltas) per submission

  • I.E - You can't throw 5 votes into one bucket (proposal). Let's say I raise a concern on fixing the Grand Exchange and de-buffing granite maul. Players can give one (vote/!Deltas) to each submission instead of wasting two votes on one proposal.

|| During the polling duration, players will be able to see which submission has the most vote/!deltas, the top three submissions are required to be addressed by the developers. I would like to note that addressing the issue does NOT equate to solving the issue. I understand that this takes time to fix certain things -> but having the developers give out expected timeline of fix, their rejection to proposals brings transparency and assurance to the players. I see this all the time on ::yell chat. Players will spam FIX THE GE, FIX THE ABYSSAL DEMON, ETC, and are left clueless most of the time. because of the nonuniform information. 

Incentives ( Submitter? / Voters )
Voting system, that's currently being used externally to publicly advertise the server and promote player's engagement, should spill over to the internal approach.

Submitter - Why should anyone submit?

  • Top 3 submissions are granted in-game items:
    • Number 1 submission - (Title Unlock/Pet box)
    • Top 2 submission - (Title Unlock/Poll Mystery Box)
    • Top 3 submission -  (Regular Mystery Box)
  • You are helping with the server development and there is a good chance that your concern is everyone else's concern
  • Something to put on your staff resume for application 😛

Voters - Why should you vote?

  • To reiterate, players will be given maximum of 5 total votes (1 per submission) during the polling duration. Every time you vote, you will receive x5 voting ticket =7.5m market price.
  • You are also contributing to community development by helping raise the biggest issue.
  • 1/5000 chance of receiving unique items (voting pet lmao / super mystery box) per vote.

Staff's Role

I've been around the RSPS scene for too long to know that a player will find ways to abuse this. This is where you can step into mitigate the risk! At the top of my head, I can already see couple of issues surfacing if this were to be implemented.

1.) Players making duplicate submissions concerning similar topics. Example: Player 1 submits a proposal to fix GE, and 30 minutes later Player 2 submits the same proposal. Under this guideline, moderator should understand this is a first come/first serve basis and therefore remove the player 2's proposal.

2.) Salty Players using this platform to submit hate texts, spam, etc. For example: Kimmy smells like shit (I don't). Warning will be given for the first offense --> jailed --> blocked access to polling system.

3.) Problems,concerns,issues that are already addressed in the Vitality Newsletter (fixed thread for addressing top poll subjects) will be removed in-game by the moderators.


Suggestion: Give staff members the ability to approve the submissions before it becomes publicly visible.

Pros: Reduces stated problems above

Cons: Becomes more bureaucratic.

Final Statement: My hope is that players are able to familiarize themselves of current pending issues but also tracking the status of when the issues will be addressed. From developer's stand point, I hope that this will allow you to prioritize what issues are urgent and creating a transparent community among st players/vitality staffs.









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Very nicely laid out, love this idea. 
I think for the players to know what the devs are working on and keep players informed will help out tremendously because it will decrease the amount of players asking the same questions over and over again

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Posted (edited)

Love the idea, but perhaps some more thought may be required. just going off of 2007 runescape alone where it slowly but surely transitioned into what we know to be EOC, i feel people could come together in such a way to harm the server by mass voting. yes, it limits one individual to voting however, whats to stop someone creating one account, theiving for 500k cash, voting and then using a vpn to create a new account. not only that, but let's say that a competitive server found out this feature was added to the game and they were rewarding individuals to sabotage vitality? i know this seems childish but we really do need to take a step back and create a robust system to ensure the server is protected.

other things such as, an entire clan of say 20 members may cause a poll to pass in favour of them. this could create a divide in the community which will no doubt, damage the player count in the long run.


as i said, i love the idea but i think it may require more than one mind to weigh up the pro's and con's.


much love 🙂

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