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Realist cc - //KOT// - King Of Trolls

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                                                                    TROLL1.png.5916e9fa911f796651ed48238bf5bf4e.png                                743386201_KINGOFTROLLS.png.2da69db2173fd09a23627a57471c4130.png                                                                                                        TROLL2.png.556b7b8f029736d7563eb4c9325142e6.png



Realist was founded by a group of players on 2/21/2020 We wanted a place to come and hang out, joke around, grind out bosses/skills and make new friends!
We pride ourselves in being a very carefree clan we do not have any skill or knowledge requirements to join. We at Realist are trying to create a fun environment for our members to come, joke around and hang out and just cut-loose with other laid back people while playing Vitality.

Looking for help? We try our best to answer any in-game questions you have or maybe you have alot of knowledge about the game, We would love to have you! We aim to make not only our clan, but Vitality the most enjoyable experience possible for all people!

The rules of Realist are simple :
1. Respect Vitality staff members.
2. No racism, Homophobia, or Religion (we love to joke and troll but lets keep it chill)
3. Follow all Vitality rules.

by applying to Realist you agree that you have read and will abide by these rules.

Anyone can join our Clan it is open for all players to come and go as they please! You do not have to apply. The application is required for Discord entry and rank in Clan.
New members that have applied will receive the "Private" Rank in cc  
Recruit_clan_rank.png?34f23  Members can rank up in clan!
Member Rank stops at Lieutenant rank 
Lieutenant clan rank.png  
Members will receive rank based on activity in Clan, helpfulness to others, and referring players to the clan. 


Copy and paste the application below

Vitality name:

Discord name:

Time zone:

Favorite Activity/Skill:


Did a Realist member tell you about us?:

DISCORD LINK ***************************        https://discord.gg/EGGBfX9


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