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The Ultimate Vitality Beginner's Guide

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Hello and welcome to Vitality! This guide is a compiled list of useful information for players who are new to Vitality! 

For starters, when you first join, you will be prompted with a decision to pick your game mode. There are five different game modes in Vitality. Clicking through each of these will provide a brief description of each game mode. An instant PVP account is able to set their combat stats immediately and begin PKing right off the jump. A regular account makes you train your combat stats, for an additional 10% bonus drop rate. Normal Ironman accounts do not allow the users to trade, pick up items, or use the duel arena. Hardcore Ironman accounts only have one life, if a player dies as a hardcore ironman, they will be converted to a regular ironman. Ultimate Ironman accounts are like other ironman accounts, except they are not allowed to use a bank.


After choosing your game mode, you will be promoted if you wish to learn more about Vitality and take a tour. This is recommended for new players. 

After your tour, you will end up in edgeville, the home area of Vitality, this can be accessed by using the home teleport in your mage book.


Off the bat, you should be placed in the "Vitality" Clan chat, this clan chat is meant to be used to help players out and provide general discussion for players server-wide. If you are not in the Vitality Clan Chat, you can make your way to the Clan Chat icon (The bottom left tab), Click join clan chat, and type in "Vitality"



Creating a bank pin is one of the most important steps any new player can take to secure your account. Bank pins are required to be entered before you can access a bank. If your account were compromised, players would not be able to take items out of your bank , since they would not know your bank pin. In order to set a bank pin, simply speak to any banker in-game, and choose "I'd like to check my PIN settings." If you are ever unhappy with your bank pin, you can change it and make a new one. Be very concious of the passwords you use in-game. If you have ever used the same password on another server, it's highly recommended that you change it, using the command "::Changepass" ingame.



Getting around Vitality is fairly straight-forward. The vitality wizard wanders around north-west edgeville, speaking to him will open a teleport prompt with all the teleports you will need for your adventure on Vitality. There is even a search feature! Teleports that lead to the wilderness will be colored red, and will warn you before you teleport there.



The shops can be found north west of edgeville. These shops include: A supplies store (Food and potions), An amour store, A weapons store, Magic and Range shops, A skilling store, a Fancy Dress and Barrows store, The shop assistant (whom you can sell items to), and the wilderness trader (where you can spend your Wilderness points.) Wilderness points can be spent on Wilderness tickets, which can be sold to players in-game. These sell typically for 3-5k per ticket.




Ironman shops can be found at the edgeville furnace, this is located just east of Edgeville bank. Speak to the NPC "Adam"


After achieving the maximum level in a skill (99) you are able to purchase skill capes. These capes can be bought from the NPC "Mac" just south of the shops. 



When most players first start off, the most straight-forward and simple way to make cash is thieving. Thieving stalls are found on the south wall of the edgeville bank.


Changing your spell book is an important part of the game, you can change your spellbook in the building just north of the edgeville bank at the shown altar below.


Alongside the west wall of this building is the Vitality Nurse. The Vitality nurse will restore your health, prayer, Special Attack, and cure any poison or venom.


Slayer is one of the most important skills in the game, the slayer master, Nieve, can be found North-East of Edgeville, she will assign all types of slayer tasks including boss tasks once you unlock them!


On occasion there will be server-wide tournaments, in which all players, no matter combat level, armour, or skill, can join. These tournaments can be entered via the Red Portal, West of the Edgeville bank. Joining these tournaments will set your stats and give you armour, winning these tournaments will usually result in a prize. Be sure to bank your items before heading into the tournament!


Utilizing your quest tab is also a very important part of the game. The quest tab contains many useful features, especially that of the Presets. Using presets is straightforward and simple. It's an easy way to pre-load any useful items that you may need, this can range from anything to PK items to Skilling items. Presets can only be equipped at home, in Edgeville.



You are also able to blacklist players whom you do not want attacking you in edgeville. Players who may be ragging you. You can view the blacklist options by going into your quest tab, going into the purple tab, and using the Edgeville blacklist options.


Server loyalty is also important. Every minute you spend in-game, you will receive loyalty points. These can be spend at the Loyalty manager, along the west wall of edgeville bank. This shop contains a few good and useful items, such as a bonus XP scroll (Provides 1.5x experience in all stats for 30 minutes.) You can view your loyalty points in your quest tab.



Voting is a great way to make some starter cash and support the server as a whole. In-game, use ::Vote to open the voting interface. After voting on all three websites, use the command ::claimvote in-game. This will reward you with 9 vote tickets, and a voting mystery box. This mystery box typically contains just cash, but can also provide some decent items. Voting tickets can be sold, or used at the Voting Manager, on the south wall of edgeville bank.



Congratulations! You now know a majority of the basics on getting started here on Vitality! Any questions can be asked to staff members, whom are viewable using the command ::Staff in-game. You can also ask questions in the "Vitality" clan chat, and plenty of people will be willing to help! I hope this guide helped, and I hope to see you all around on Vitality!


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This is a damn good guide. A++ for formatting and ease of use! Thanks for contributing this! 

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1 minute ago, akmed said:

Nice job!!

This defo helped me when i was new xD

+1 to this. very useful guide

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If i knew there was this guide when i started to play vitality.ps it would have really helped me, now i can recommend. thanks for the work.

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