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[28/09/20] Flower Poker, Server Stability, QOL Updates & More

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Hello everyone, due to popular demand we've implemented Flower Poker gambling! You can visit the new gambling zone at ::Gamble or ::Flower, you can find more information below!

  • Flower poker has arrived to Vitality!
    • BWRP rules
    • Mithril seeds can be purchased at our online ::store, $1.50 / seed box (contains 10 mithril seeds)
    • Both items and cash can be gambling in flower poker
    • 60 second plant timer
    • Win / Loss Ratio and Plant Timer interface
  • Server Stability
    • Spawnable ground items will no longer show upon kills.
      • There is a toggle in the quest tab to re-enable this.
      • Lag issues with mass fights going on should no longer occur.
  • Vitality Lottery
    • The lottery now gives extra rewards based on the total size of the pot!
    • You can enter the lottery by speaking to the lottery manager in edgeville bank.
  • Vitality Tournaments
    • Tournaments now have increased rewards for coming in first, second, or third place.
      • First Place: 50M cash and a Super Mystery Box
      • Second Place: 25M cash and a Regular Mystery Box
      • Third place: 15M cash
  • Misc Updates, Improvements, & Bug fixes
    • DD in combat fixes
    • Stability fixes to LMS
    • You can no longer PJ fights in LMS
    • Vyre now accepted noted vials of blood
    • Recharge Dragonstone lunar spell now works
    • Pestilent Bloat can no longer be safe-spotted
    • The shop assistant at Varrock no longer attacks players
    • Monk of Zamorak spawn fixed in Taverly Dungeon
    • Black d'hide (g) and (t) now have the correct level requirements
    • You can now use tailsman on runecrafting altars
    • Zenyte bracelet fix
    • You will now receive xp drops after you reach maximum experience in a level
    • NPC's no longer attack you when answering a puzzle
    • ::skipclue command fix
    • Black d'hide (g) now has value
    • Turning a crystal seed into a crystal bow now gives the correct bow
    • Rune combinations are now properly working
    • Hydra slayer helmet counts as a facemask in smoke devil dungeon
    • Scythe of Vitur now charges with any vial of blood
    • Granite maul fixes
    • Fix when using platinum tokens on a bank booth
    • Ironman instance prices decreased by 50%, now cost 2.5m instead of 5m
    • Leaderboard fixes





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