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Raw Envy

[05/10/20] Game Updates - Ironman Wilderness Points Shop, More lunar Spells, Vote Bonuses

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I hope everyone is doing great and that you enjoy the latest batch of updates! Mobile is still in development and we're hoping to have it finished up real soon. In other news, we've added some October donation deals which you can view here.

  • Server stability fixes for when massive clan wars are occurring - we've rewritten some aspects regarding ground items and pathfinding.
  • Dream lunar spell
  • String jewellery lunar spell
  • Superglass lunar spell
  • Spin flax lunar spell
  • Plank make lunar spell
  • Hunter kit lunar spell
  • Cure group lunar spell
  • Cure me lunar spell
  • Cure plant lunar spell
  • Energy transfer lunar spell
  • Group Lunar teleports
  • Lunar teleports
  • Heal group spell
  • Heal other spell
  • Granite maul fixes
  • Dice bags now save last name used
  • Transformation ring fix for nulling damage
  • Kalphite queen magic attack fix
  • Kraken attack range fix
  • Dareeyak teleport fix
  • Pest control portals no longer respawn
  • Deposit box now works properly
  • Clan leaderboards now have singles and multi kills
  •  5 Seconds out of wild combat delay
  • Ironman wilderness store
  • Ironman can now use custom presets
  • Donations no longer make your total spent negative if you've used scrolls also
  • October donation deals based upon the amount you've spent 
  • Vote bonuses for 12 hours after voting
  • Loads of bug fixes for reported bugs - big thanks to everyone reporting these!




Thanks for reading,

Vitality Management

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1 minute ago, Nizzlemyskiz said:

8.5k wilderness points for an ironman for some black d hide body is insane tbh. might need to adjust the prices on items.

lol at least they giving the option  to buy them stop complaining and grind your stuff

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I think I have a really good update to the ironman pkp shop to make blade actually worth 400k pkp. I think if ironman could sell their dupes such as serp or arma hilt or extra blowpipes for pkp it would make blade much more tangible. Tridents and whips maybe 1-5k serp like 10k- and the balancing of it could be determined. But, the current system makes blade absolutely un-obtainable. 


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