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Raw Envy

[22/10/20] Game Updates - Halloween event, Player titles revamp and more!

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I hope everyone is doing great and that you enjoy the latest batch of updates! Mobile is now being tested and we are preparing it for release.ย 

  • The Halloween event is live!
    • The Jack Lantern mask has been added to the store for a limited time only.
    • The grave digger can be found at home and will trade in any pumpkins you obtain from Wilderness slayer tasks and killing players!
    • The Grim Reaper has come to haunt any players that perish in the Wilderness...
    • You can view the Halloween event from the drop table viewer.


  • Player titles revamp!
    • A new interface has been added for managing and previewing player titles.
    • Various categories added for different type of title unlocks.
    • More titles coming soon, along with the custom title scroll!


  • Other updates:
    • When killing players inside an instanced PvP area you will now respawn in the instance.
    • You can now teleport out of PvP instances with various commands correctly (before it would check Wilderness level).
    • PID no longer swaps in the duel arena.
    • PID swapping now occurs less frequently.
    • AGS special attack nerfed slightly.
    • Dragon claws special attack buffed slightly.
    • Granite maul fixes.
    • The ring of Suffering (r) can now be imbued.
    • Menagerie room withdraw pets fix
    • Phoenix necklace fix for it not being destroyed.
    • Dice bag can no longer be used to stall damage.
    • Larrans keys only drops in the Wilderness now.
    • Raid storage can now be built with statius war hammer.



Thanks for reading,

Vitality Management

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18 hours ago, xSnapFPVx said:

Would love to get in on the mobile, need any testing done? ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Testing is being done currently, it's looking good ๐Ÿ™‚



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Great list of updates!

I enjoyed giving this a read over & I am definitely excited to see these updates being implemented



IGN:ย  850576622_763824179833077760(1).png.ffded4c368067790a448306d27277e0f.pngBaby Lean

764526027216781383.png.b5142eb016539e8584f9580c101c0e9f.pngDiscord: Leaned #0002

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