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The Hunt!

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Hello everyone, im here to present a project i have in mind called "The hunt", i think it will be fun and help everyone make some cash aswell, so this is how it works :

Basically we wright down on a list everyone who applied for this event, obviously.

This Event is gonna consist of 2 or more teams wich will kill bosses for certain uniques wich are worth a X amount of points, if they get a unique they must take a screenshot of it with the keyword given at the start of the event to prevent old screenshots. If the screenshot is validated the amount of points that unique gives will be added to the teams total points, the event will last about 1 month and the team wich has more points wins the competition.

Sometimes there will be daily or hourly events, like "first to get a tob unique wins an extra 50 points" and so on...

The event will have a Buy in for the team who wins to win the whole pot, it can be split beetween all the winning team members or just beetween the 3 ones that scored the most points.

Hope you all enjoyed the idea, please let me know what you think of it!


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