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iron jib

Iron Jib Staff application

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Game Name: Iron Jib

Age: 24

Discord Name & Tag: Jib#6042

Country: United Kingdom

Timezone: GMT


How active will you be per day?

I tend to be online all throughout the day but spend a few hours of that time semi AFK while doing other tasks off-screen. I would say my active playing time is around 8-10 hours per day and a remainder 3-4 hours is spent AFK.


Previous Staff Experience:

I don't have any previous staff experience however i'd like to think that a lot of players already look to me for any
questions/problems they have regarding in-game content so in that regard I've been performing that side of the 
role for quite some time.


Why should we choose you?

I'm very active member of the vitality community and enjoy
playing and interacting with it's players. Due to my experience playing, 
i feel i can offer a lot to the player base regarding
in-game support. I play the game a lot, I enjoy the game a lot and purely because
of this i hope to have the chance of helping this community in a larger capacity.


Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member:

Integrity - Honesty - Consistency

While i feel Integrity and honesty are pretty self-explanatory, i will touch on  what i mean by consistency. I try to be consistent in all aspects of my life, whether that be the amount of care and effort i apply to different tasks or the way i interact with those around me and i feel anything a person does throughout his/her life should be given the same level of attention/effort.


Picture of time played:



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Big vouch from me, never seen jib be toxic or in an argument, funny and nice person in-game and always willing to help anyone.

He's also on the same timezone as me which would be a huge help as im normally the only staff member on during afternoon.

+1, definitely.

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Incredibly active, is available on Discord, always in the Help CC and do see you answering questions in there often.
Couple negative remarks that I've seen from you to other random players just starting out (relating to the servers current situation and standing) but despite that I can still support as you bring much more positivity.

Good luck, Jib.


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I support Jib becoming a member of our staff team. Knowledgeable and super friendly! I would welcome him with arms wide open! 

Good luck with your app @iron jib

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Hey there @iron jib - Thank you for taking the time to display some form of interest in joining our staff team.

It brings me great pleasure to see an application from you! I've said this many times & I'll say it again: You are one of the most knowledgeable players that this server has. Not only that, but you dedicate an extensive amount of your time into Vitality which is always fantastic to see. 

As you're aware we are also in need of staff members who can cover the U.K time zone, which is the GMT that you're mainly active in. More the reason to support this application!

In all honesty, I expected an application from you much earlier than this but with that being said I'm glad you finally came around to your senses. 😉

Based of the reasons above, I would like to support this application.
Best of luck to you Jib.


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